30 LinkedIn Triggers That Provide a Sales Opening

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




A sales call or email that comes totally out of the blue is often regarded as irrelevant or even annoying to buyers. But cold outreach can be warmed up if a salesperson just sends their email or places their call at the right time. And prospects leave openings for salespeople every day -- reps just have to know what they're looking for to catch them.

Not sure when the "right" time to reach out to a potential buyer on LinkedIn is? Ponder no more. In this infographic, Gerry Moran lists 30 LinkedIn social selling trigger events that provide salespeople with a solid reason to reach out. Big or small, each is a valuable conversation starter if a rep pounces on it. 

Consult this chart each morning when you open LinkedIn, and seize the opportunities to engage as soon as they arise. Your pipeline might be about to get a whole lot bigger.


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