The 30-Minute Job Interview Prep Routine That Will Land You the Job

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Kayla Kozan
Kayla Kozan



So you landed the interview. Congrats! You’re one step closer to your dream job -- but just before you drop the mic, let’s make sure you’re ready to crush it.

I know it’s tough to carve out a couple hours to do the ideal amount of job interview prep. You’re busy! Maybe you’re already juggling two jobs, you’ve got kids to pick up from daycare, you’ve got a dishwasher to unload … okay, maybe just a season of House of Cards to finish. In any case, let’s prioritize. This is how to prep for a sales job interview in 30 minutes (or less).

At Ideal we match talented salespeople with top employers daily. With dozens of interviews on the table every day, nothing makes us happier than to hear that a candidate aced their interview and got the job. Sadly, not every interview is a success story, even when the candidate was a great culture and selling style fit.

Where did they go wrong? Unfortunately, we get the same feedback from employers time and again: the candidate lacked the basic interview preparation. Let’s change that.

This infographic represents an expert’s view on the most efficient way to prepare yourself. So head to the nearest coffee shop, grab yourself a coffee and a cookie, and let’s get started! You’re only 30 minutes away from becoming a confident, articulate, and educated candidate. 

30 minute prep

Selling yourself to an employer is one of the biggest deals you will ever close; and believe me when I say preparing for this crucial moment will pay off. A small investment of time on the front end will set you apart from your competition and show the employer you mean business.

I’m rooting for you, so get out there and get hired!

Are you looking for a sales job? Use Ideal and let the employers come to you. Find your match and make more money.

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