Ones To Watch: Five Business YouTube Creators You Should Know

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Sara Friedman
Sara Friedman



Need to assemble the Ikea furniture you just bought? YouTube. Want a new recipe for dinner tonight? YouTube. Want to learn to code, build your own business, or grow your following? You get it — it’s all on YouTube. 

With 122m+ daily active users, YouTube is the place to be for creators building their channels and honing their craft. 

And every day new, talented creators enter the ring, vying for those millions of eyeballs. 

So how do you find high-quality creators amid all the noise? Lucky for you, the HubSpot YouTube Network is the video destination for business builders, offering a compilation of YouTube series that enable audiences to watch, learn, and grow their businesses.

Here are five talented YouTube creators from our network you should be watching right now:

Modern Millie1. Modern Millie

When an injury forced Millie Adrian to drop out of college, where she was studying to be a teacher, she found herself in a situation she’d never expected. 

Instead of teaching, she took a corporate job, and worked her way up to a project manager position. But she felt something was missing, and began experimenting with social media while working full time. 

Fast-forward to today: Adrian is a full-time creator teaching other entrepreneurs how to build their brands on social, land deals, and develop followings. 

A project manager at heart, Adrian suggests solo creators batch tasks to stay on track. Here’s her method in her own words:

  • Day 1: Research — I’d brain dump all video ideas into Trello (what I’d use to organize my videos).

  • Day 2: Scripting — It takes me about three to five hours to script, so I’ll dedicate one full day to scripting alone or outlining my videos with no distractions.

  • Day 3: Filming — I’d film two to four videos in one day.

  • Day 4+: Editing — I’d dedicate a few days to editing and scheduling my content. If you can hire a video editor, that’s going to save you so much time!

But, she cautions: “I don’t do these as back-to-back days because that would lead me to burn out. Instead, I listen to my body and work with its inspiration.”


2. Sundas Khalid 

Sundas Khalid is an award-winning, self-taught data scientist with 10+ years of experience in Big Tech. Outside of her full-time job, Khalid creates content to help simplify data science and tech on YouTube and other social platforms. She is the first woman in her family to graduate college, and her story has been featured in Forbes.

She’s worked at multiple FAANG companies, and her achievements outside of the office are vast: Khalid earned a Women Empowerment Award in 2019 and was selected as valedictorian at the University of Washington in 2014. 

Needless to say, Khalid’s advice is worth listening to, and she lends her expertise to create helpful content on data science — including the field itself, how to incorporate it into your job, and how to break into the industry. 

Khalid, who cranks out videos on top of her full-time job, needs a constant flow of content. Here, in her own words, she shares how she finds inspiration: 

  • Write down every idea that comes to mind. I have 100+ video ideas written in an idea log. Not all of them will turn into a video. 

  • I consume a lot of content in my niche across different platforms. This helps me understand what the audience likes. 

  • I experiment with short-form content (TikTok, Instagram Reels) to narrow down ideas for long-form content on YouTube. 

  • Stay on top of the latest trends in niches and get idea inspiration. For example, one of my latest videos is based on an article written by Forbes on ChatGPT and data analysts. 

Headshot Wide 1080

3. Jensen Tung

Jensen Tung is a filmmaker and entrepreneur who creates videos on everything from personal finances and business tips to self-improvement and productivity. 

And he’s racking up the views: His video titled “My 30 Day Body Transformation at a Playground” pulled in 4m views, and his “Day in the Life of a 23-Year-Old Entrepreneur (Realistic)” video reeled in 1.8m. 

His secret to success: “Being adaptive and constantly evolving,” he says. “I’ve switched up my content a lot over the years. The YouTube landscape is always changing, and you need to ensure you are constantly delivering something new and interesting.”

For example, Tung capitalized on the timely AI trend with a video titled “How I Made a YouTube Channel Using Only AI” in February, and it’s already hit 1.3m views. 

“You can’t expect your results to change if you continue to do the same thing over and over again,” he says. 


4. Jade Beason

A long-time marketer and master of the side hustle, Jade Beason is using her business experience to offer actionable advice and insights on YouTube. 

Beason offers one-on-one coaching, in addition to her free content, to help others grow their followings on social media and make money from content creation.

Her videos offer tips ranging from how to increase your Instagram following, to the easiest ways to start a YouTube channel. 

Her advice for creators just starting out on YouTube? Be patient. 

“Creators often give up on the platform right before they start to see results,” she says. “Setting a consistency target (e.g. two uploads every week for 12 months) forces you to continue and push through for a set period of time, regardless of how your content is performing!”


5. Oliur

Starting his career as a visual designer, Oliur has since branched out to everything from media production to running ecommerce stores. 

One of his YouTube channels focuses on videos covering finance, business, and self-development, while his other channel covers tech, design, and lifestyle with product and software reviews. 

Oliur also produces a newsletter about his experiences, called The Manual, and teaches a video creator course that shows others how to produce high-quality videos. 

With all this to show, Oliur maintains that his success didn’t come easy: In addition to the normal obstacles and challenges of building a channel, he survived cancer in 2020. 

“My secret to success was that it didn’t happen overnight. I haven’t had one viral hit video that helped boost my channel. I’ve just consistently kept at it,” he says. 


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