The 12 Best AI Assistants for Sales Teams

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Jenny Romanchuk
Jenny Romanchuk


Of top-performing sales organizations, 57% have harnessed AI for forecasting, understanding customer needs, and competitive intelligence. And, over 45% of them report a major improvement in these areas and beyond.

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It’s no wonder why. Sales, with its data-intensive nature, generates vast amounts of unstructured data. That includes text from emails, notes, audio from calls, videos, and more. AI sales software structures data, analyzes sentiment, and finds patterns that need a closer look.

Plus, AI sales assistants can write enticing emails, prioritize deals, and more. So, let’s explore the 12 best AI sales software to supercharge your sales team.

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Table of Contents

  • What is AI sales assistant software?
  • How do AI sales assistants work?
  • 5 Use Cases of AI Sales Assistants
  • 12 Best AI Sales Assistants

What is AI sales assistant software?

AI sales software refers to a category of tools that leverage artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, and machine learning (ML) to streamline the sales process.

These software solutions automate sales tasks. They can identify trends and bottlenecks, make accurate forecasts, and provide actionable insights. With this information, you can optimize sales performance.

For instance, Gong, a revenue intelligence platform, can discern winning and losing sales pitches among your team. The tool can then give pointers for improvement.

4 Benefits of AI Sales Assistants

1. AI corrects revenue forecasts.

Sales managers find it difficult to estimate quarter sales revenue. This aspect is integrated with hiring, payroll, and human errors. Even one incorrect forecast can wreak havoc on the business's credibility.

AI takes on this responsibility so that sales managers can focus their attention elsewhere.

In 2020, Silver Peak hired Aviso, an AI selling platform, to predict quarterly business. After implementation, Aviso offered an accurate, predictable revenue outcome. The tool consistently provided revenue figures within a 3-4% range of the company's actual revenue.

2. AI helps pinpoint and prioritize quality leads.

AI lead scoring systems thoroughly assess leads with predefined criteria and behavioral patterns. The software will then highlight MQLs and push them down the pipeline.

Likewise, AI disqualifies unsuitable leads. This saves sales development reps’ time and improves sales pipeline hygiene.

3. AI enhances customer management.

With AI technology handling large volumes of customer queries, sales teams save time and energy. You can eliminate the need for human intervention for mundane tasks, such as:

  • Manually inputting customer data.
  • Responding to frequently asked questions.
  • Generating personalized recommendations based on customer preferences.

For example, Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications, partnered with to enhance customer engagement and improve account-based selling.

Vonage used the Data Foundation and Sales Solution provided by Through adoption of these tools, they were able to obtain better data for account selling. That included acquiring more contacts, accurately pushing data into systems, and creating a smoother sales engine.

Ultimately, sales leaders could track engagement levels and provide targeted coaching to boost reps' productivity.

4. AI saves salespeople’s time.

Top performers automate manual and repetitive tasks with AI. They can then focus on building long-lasting relationships with clients and closing deals. Of salespeople, 72% claim that they can build rapport faster after implementing AI, according to HubSpot research.

Here’s where AI also helps sales teams reduce time:

  • Logging sales data and customer notes.
  • Generating quotes/proposals.
  • Determining what action to take on accounts.
  • Reviewing pipelines.
  • Personalizing for customers based on behavioral patterns.

How do AI sales assistants work?

On the technical side, AI sales assistants use NLP and ML to process large data sets and suggest outcomes. Ultimately, it comes down to five steps:

  1. Data entry (input).
  2. Data processing and interpretation.
  3. Data outcomes.
  4. Algorithm adjustments.
  5. Assessments and inferences.

Read our guide on the nitty-gritty of how AI works.

With that, AI sales assistants offer a range of advanced capabilities to augment or carry out sales processes. That includes:

  • Sentiment analysis. AI understands customer emotions and adjusts the sales approach accordingly.
  • Sales analytics. AI provides insights into sales performance and key metrics for data-driven decision-making.
  • Virtual assistant capabilities. AI assists with scheduling, calendar management, and reminders.
  • Sales forecasting. AI software generates sales forecasts based on historical data and predictive algorithms.
  • Sales coaching. AI tools provide real-time coaching prompts and suggestions for improved sales techniques.

Now, let's explore the specific use cases where AI sales assistants truly shine.

5 Example Cases of AI Sales Assistants

1. Tinuiti closed 50% more recurring revenue from cross-selling with Gong.

Tinuiti, an advertising and public relations company, faced challenges with a manual sales process and limited analytics.

By leveraging Gong, Tinuiti was able to identify cross-selling opportunities. The team achieved a 50% increase in recurring revenue from cross-selling.

Gong Trackers provided insights on keywords mentioned in sales and client conversations. This data improved coaching and streamlined collaboration between sales and client strategy teams.

2. Intelligent call analytics transformed Suntrust Bank with a 50% increase in paid search conversion.

Why do customers call? SunTrust Bank was on a search for the answer. They partnered with Invoca, an intelligent call-tracking platform, to find out.

The bank implemented Invoca's call analytics to better understand customer behavior and preferences.

The team then discovered that 75% of prospects visiting their website preferred phone calls over web submissions. This led to significant improvements in three key areas: driving more high-value customer interactions, creating a seamless omnichannel journey, and increasing business from mobile marketing.

After, the company saw the following:

  • 50% cost reduction per conversion.
  • 50% increase in paid search conversion.
  • 60% increase in call center competency.
  • 300% increase in call duration.

3. SAP saw a 400% surge in customer engagement with MRP.

The German software company System Applications & Products (SAP) wanted to gain insights into customers‘ shopping patterns and other psychological factors influencing buying decisions. That’s why they implemented MRP, an advanced account intelligence solution.

MRP's use of data-driven insights and predictive analytics resulted in:

  • Identifying receptive accounts.
  • Personalized messaging for buyers.
  • Automated alerts for inside salespeople about a prospective customer and beyond.

The result? Customer engagement skyrocketed by a remarkable 400%.

4. OneCause accomplished 20% more sales activities with SalesLoft.

OneCause, a digital fundraising solutions provider for nonprofits, faced challenges with their CRM. Their team sought greater visibility and clean data in their pipeline. Implementing SalesLoft, a sales engagement tool, helped the team:

  • Improve efficacy.
  • Identify sound opportunities across different sales pipeline stages.
  • Streamline sales activities and transfer best practices among sales managers.
  • Save time with templates and email snippets, allowing for more calls and personalized follow-ups.

SalesLoft enabled proactive pipeline management, enriched sales data, and provided valuable insights for coaching. Altogether it has transformed OneCause's sales team into productive and successful performers.

5. Vodafone implemented 90% automation and 50% time reduction with Anaplan.

Vodafone, a multinational telecommunications provider, sought to improve sales performance. So, they partnered with Anaplan.

By integrating Anaplan with Salesforce, Vodafone gained better insights. The tools combined pipeline data with local sales knowledge.

The platform facilitated the creation of an end-to-end, account-based planning system. This allowed for objective and interlocked sales targets. The system also generated target letters using DocuSign.

One of the key benefits of Anaplan was the reduction in sales planning time from three months to just six weeks.

By following the sales plan generated by Anaplan, Vodafone witnessed a remarkable 90% increase in automated target setting and a 50% reduction in sales planning cycle time.

12 Best AI Sales Assistants

1. HubSpot Content Assistant

HubSpot Content Assistant is a versatile generative AI that does it all. The tool can produce compelling and personalized marketing emails. You can create follow-up templates, blog ideas, and outlines — all with the power of AI.

To get a sound output, explain to the AI what content you want to receive.

Say, you sell helicopter tours of Hawaii for corporate retreats. You would prompt content assistant by filling in the product information and what you want to communicate in this email.

And here’s the output — a highly personalized sales cold email.

Core Features

  • Input form allows you to describe exactly what content you want
  • Writes personalized sales and marketing emails, follow-up templates, blog ideas, and comprehensive outlines
  • ChatSpot can generate reports, forecast, manage leads, and facilitate follow-ups
  • You can prompt the AI tool to write emails and other content
  • You can search your CRM easily, without clicking through tabs of data

Pricing: Free for HubSpot CRM users.

Pro tip: Create a list of prospects with shared characteristics like buyer intent and demographics. Then, feed this information to HubSpot’s content assistant. The tool picks up this data and creates personalized emails for your outreach.

2. ChatSpot

Similarly, our CRM bot ChatSpot can help boost sales productivity. The tool integrates with your CRM to generate reports, forecast sales, manage leads, facilitate follow-ups, and more.

All you have to do is prompt ChatSpot. The tool then searches your CRM to gather the insight you need lightning-fast.

Core Features

  • ChatSpot can generate reports, forecast, manage leads, and facilitate follow-ups
  • You can prompt the AI tool to write emails and other content
  • You can search your CRM easily, without clicking through tabs of data

Pricing: Free for HubSpot CRM users.

3. Gong

Gong’s AI records, transcribes, and processes customer conversations in voice and text. The tool can also provide insights and recommendations for the best talk tracks. This can help sales and revenue teams improve their performance and messaging.

Image Source

Core Features

  • Auto records buyer conversations
  • Analyzes conversations through phone calls and video calls
  • Transcript function of conversations
  • The Gong Reality Platform for accurate forecasting

What we like: Gong is exceptionally proficient at analyzing key topics of discussion, top questions, action items, and relationship dynamics.

Pricing: The price is based on the number of users and is structured as a base price plus a per-user fee billed annually. The base price is $5,000, and the per-user rates range from $1,360 to $1,600 per user/year, depending on the user count.

4. Lavender

Lavender is an AI-powered email coach that offers comprehensive support for enhancing writing speed and quality. Plus, it's loved by salespeople!

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Core Features

  • Cold email personalization based on buying intent data
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Allows BDRs and SDRs to ensure the finest sales pitch for each lead

What we like: Lavender serves as a personal email assistant, providing invaluable support for teams in crafting personalized messages that drive conversions.

Pricing: There’s a one-week trial period. After, you can access the free plan with restricted features. Individual pro costs $29 per month; teams is $49 per user monthly.

5. Vidyard

You’ve probably known Vidyard for creating easily shareable videos with advanced analytics. However, the company has recently augmented its features with Vidyard's AI Sales Script Generator. As the name suggests, the tool generates customized sales scripts that can be incorporated into your videos.

Image Source

Core Features

  • A great array of tools to generate attention-grabbing sales videos
  • Tracks viewer engagement
  • Creates sales scripts for different sales needs — prospecting, follow-ups, and deal progression

What we like: Vidyard offers different sales script samples to understand the tool’s capabilities from the get-go.

Pricing: Free plan includes 25 videos in the library and 10 sales scripts generated. There’s also a 2-week paid trial for advanced features. The paid plan starts at $29 per month.

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Of top-performing sales organizations, 57% have harnessed AI for forecasting, understanding customer needs, and competitive intelligence. And, over 45% of them report a major improvement in these areas and beyond.

6. generates virtual meeting summaries and transcribes sales calls, saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors. It can even type out difficult accents.

Image Source

Core Features

  • Automatically creates meeting highlights transcripts
  • Summarizes keywords and word clouds
  • Otter is compatible with iOS, Android, and web applications

What we like: Otter is super accurate. The need to correct or edit the automated dictation is close to none.

Pricing: The free basic plan offers 300 transcription minutes per month. The paid plan starts at $16.99 per month; the business plan costs $30 a user monthly.

7. Second Nature

Second Nature is a role-play AI assistant for revenue teams. Here you can practice sales pitches, demos, nailing presentations, and handling objections.

Jenny, the AI sales coach, assigns you a “client” and your task. Next, you role-play the conversation and record the dialogue. In several minutes, you’ll get meaningful comments on your pitch with highlighted areas for improvement.

Image Source

Core Features

  • Straightforward sales scenarios, like discovery calls and critique management
  • Smooth recordings
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Salespeople can view each other's presentations and share criticism

What we like: Second Nature captures filler words. The tool also carries out sentiment and vocabulary analyses to enhance sales teams’ pitches.

Pricing: Prices are available upon request.

8. is a sales productivity platform for automating and streamlining sales tasks. This includes CRM data capture, pipeline review, predictive analytics, rep performance tracking, and more.

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Core Features

  • Automatically captures and logs sales activities, including emails, calls, meetings, and other interactions
  • Enriches sales data by aggregating information from CRMs, calendars, and other communication tools via API
  • Real-time visibility into deal stages, probabilities, and next steps

What we like: enables sales leaders to create customized sales dashboards and predict future sales with accuracy.

Pricing: Prices are available upon request.

9. SalesLoft

Frustrated with the uncertainty of customer engagement? SalesLoft offers a highly productive platform for sales engagement. This allows sales and marketing teams to track customer data.

You can also customize outreach sequences based on individual prospects’ preferences and behaviors.

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Core Features

  • Bi-directional CRM sync to capture engagement data
  • AI-powered sales forecasting
  • AI-powered workflows to create an authentic experience for every lead

What we like: SalesLoft can orchestrate and automate sales reps' mundane work. The tool can also enhance sales team performance and personalization with AI-powered features.

Pricing: Prices are available upon request.

10. Orum

Orum erases traditional methods of recording voicemails and waiting for prospects to call back. This sales dialer platform automates outbound cold calls, dials in parallel, and takes care of routing. This leads to more calls in less time.

Image Source

Core Features

  • Adds a parallel dialer
  • Filters ineffective numbers
  • Automatically drops pre-recorded voicemails

What we like: Users can achieve a fivefold increase in the number of dials they can make.

Pricing: Prices are available on request. The first 500 calls are free in the trial period. Reportedly, Orum offers a power dialer at $450 a month per rep and a parallel dialer at $1,200 a month per rep.

11. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo, a sales intelligence platform, swiftly recognizes prominent prospects and gains intent data. The platform also comes with tools for sales territory planning.

ZoomInfo gleans insights on brand mentions, funding rounds, job changes, demographics, market coverage, and hundreds of other data points.

ZoomInfo dashboard.

Image Source

Core Features

  • The largest B2B contact database of 65M+ direct dial phone numbers and 150M+ verified email addresses
  • Offers buyer signals for prospects on your list
  • Website visitor tracking feature

What we like: In a few minutes, you'll get valuable information like contact numbers, emails, lead roles, and job titles. You can even unveil what your leads explored on your site.

Pricing: Single-user pro lite starts at $11,995 for 5,000 credits annually. Pricing varies based on the number of seats, features, and credits required.

12. Demodesk

Demodesk provides a solution for captivating, interactive demos through sharing screen control. This allows your prospects to surf the product in real time. Reportedly, your sales team can expect a significant 30% increase in sales.

Image Source

Core Features

  • Interactive screen sharing
  • Captures buyers’ insights
  • Syncs your meeting notes to your CRM right during the call
  • Allows for branded virtual space

What we like: Demodesk's Share Control feature works wonders during SaaS product demos. This helps prospects remember your offerings better than competitors.

Pricing: The scheduling plan is €29 per user a month; the Business plan is €99 per user a month.

Let AI Take The Wheel

AI is seriously stepping up the sales game, and it‘s only going to get better in the future. Right now, it’s already penetrated almost all the sales processes, with top performers reporting a massive AI adoption.

Writing killer cold emails, whipping up amazing proposals, forecasting with a 95% accuracy, and transcribing meetings — AI's got it all covered!

So, embrace the power of AI sales assistants and supercharge your sales performance.

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