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Kristen Baker


Sales recording software will take your after-sales thoughts from “I could've guided the conversation more effectively" to “I nailed that!” Instead of guessing what works, recording your calls will give you all the insights you need to know how to close a deal.

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Plus, you’ll be able to improve the buyer's journey and customer experience by tailoring communication and interactions to specific leads based on relevant context and data. And, you’ll have real-life examples to train your team.

There’s a lot to gain. Find out exactly what sales recording software is, our recommendations, and what we love about it.

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What is sales recording software?

Sales recording software can record phone calls in a digital format via voice over internet protocol (VoIP) — which allows you to make calls over the internet — or traditional phone. In addition to recording phone conversations, call recording software may have other capabilities such as call logging, tracking, storing, sharing, analysis, and playback.

How Your Sales Team Can Benefit From Call Recording Software

Your sales reps, managers, and leaders can apply and benefit from sales recording software in several ways. Let's explore a few!

Contextual Call Analysis

The software automatically logs and saves records of all calls and conversations between reps and prospects. As a result, sales reps are armed with relevant context about their contacts for future interactions. This allows them to more effectively target those prospects during follow-up interactions to increase the chances of conversion.

These recordings are also great reference points for sales leaders. They give insight into how their sales reps are performing, how they‘re handling interactions, if they’re sticking to their scripts, and more.

Training and Development

Recordings are ideal for sales coaching because they allow sales leaders to pinpoint and refer to specific parts of a call and highlight them as actions to replicate or improve upon. This is helpful for one-on-one sales coaching and can also be used in sales training and onboarding.

Sales reps and leaders can reference the most successful or unsuccessful sales call recordings and transcripts. This can help update the sales process so it's more effective.

Cost Saving

Call recording software integrates with your other sales and business tools, such as your CRM. This cuts down on resources and the need for multiple software.

As a result, costs will be lower, and your entire sales team will have access to recordings via a single platform. Your sales reps and leaders will require less training to learn various systems. Plus, your call data can be integrated with your deal data.

16 Best Call Recording Software

Here are 16 examples of sales recording software that you can implement on your team to increase productivity and improve your sales process.

1. HubSpot Call Recording

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The HubSpot Conversation Intelligence tool uses AI to automatically record, transcribe, and analyze your sales calls. It identifies keywords and key topics throughout your calls so you can easily jump to those points for deeper analysis.

Additionally, since this tool is integrated with the HubSpot CRM, all of your call data will automatically be added to the associated contact records for you. This means all of your data will be centrally stored and easily accessible to your sales team.

It also means you can report on-call keyword data tied to deal data or initiate workflows based on call keyword data.

Core features

  • Daily prioritization of essential or valuable calls
  • Placing and recording calls within your browser
  • Integration with HubSpot CRM
  • Lead scoring

Best for: Sales teams, generally and particularly those already working with HubSpot

Price: HubSpot’s call tracking feature is available as part of the Sales Hub. See pricing details here.

2. HubSpot Free Call Tracking Software

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HubSpot’s Call Tracker is capable of more than just recording calls. It prioritizes your sales calls based on who your highest-value prospects are. It also places and records phone calls for you from your browser, so you never have to pick up a phone. Choose if you want to record every sales call or only specific ones.

Then, all of your phone calls are automatically saved in your CRM for easy record-keeping, sharing, and accessibility.

You can even optimize your call recording analysis using HubSpot’s Conversation Intelligence which integrates AI. Instead of manually analyzing calls, AI can assist you. This software is especially useful for teams with increasing numbers of calls.

Best for: Sales teams, generally and particularly those already working with HubSpot

Price: HubSpot’s call tracking feature is available as part of the Sales Hub. See pricing details here.


Image Source

Alt Text: Screenshot of Fireflies hero on the homepage, one of the best call recording software for business. Hero includes their heading: automate your meeting notes and images of business calls in action. is an AI-based meeting assistant capable of recording, transcribing, and searching voice conversations and phone calls. The tool automatically connects to a rep’s calendar. It can then record any digital voice or web conference meeting.

It then records and transcribes the conversation and saves that information to the user dashboard. Once in the dashboard, a rep can search for and access that transcription or recording anytime.

Core Features

  • AI extensions
  • Conversation intelligence
  • A handy Chrome extension
  • An API

Best for: Sales reps, transcription analysis

Price: Trial the software for free. Pro plans cost $10 monthly, and business plans cost $19 monthly.


Make More Phone Calls

Image Source is a sales engagement platform for meticulous sales teams. Developed to ease sales professionals’ lives, is highly customizable and will fit your business like a glove.

Core Features

  • Call recording
  • Power dialer with automation (voicemail drop, email, SMS)
  • Mobile app
  • Reporting and analytics
  • HubSpot integration (including Workflows)

Best for: Growing teams that do outreach on a scale

Price:  Free 14-day trial. Then, it will be $89 per user per month (with HubSpot). Local area codes and Business SMS go as add-ons, and you can customize your plan.

5. Gong

Image Source

Gong is a remote sales tool and revenue intelligence platform with call recording and transcription capabilities. Gong works with any web conferencing platform, VoIP, or CRM your team uses. Simply integrate the tool and begin recording your calls.

With the automatic call transcription feature, you’ll be able to search for specific recordings as well as specific parts of those recordings. The AI behind Gong’s features helps sales reps and teams pull insights. This information can be used to improve future calls, sales training, the sales process, and more.

Core Features

  • Conversation intelligence
  • Sales coaching
  • Deal management and efficiency
  • Integrations into CRM systems

Best for: Remote teams, reporting, and analysis

Price: Prices vary based on number of users.

6. Jiminny

Image Source

Alt Text: Screenshot of Jimminy’s website homepage hero.

Jiminny is a revenue intelligence platform meant for remote sales teams — it includes AI-powered, automated call and meeting recording, transcription, and analytics. The CRM integration allows you to save and access call recordings and data in your CRM without ever leaving Jimminy.

Jimminy also saves and pairs meeting notes with your call recordings to organize all contact data in a single location.

Core Features

  • Integrations with various software, including HubSpot
  • Call recording and transcription
  • Conversation Intelligence
  • Sales coaching
  • Deal management
  • Team collaboration

Best for: Remote sales teams

Price: Annual packages cost $85 monthly on the annual plan or $100 monthly. You can also try Jiminny for free.

7. CallRail

Image Source

Alt Text: CallRail’s recording software homepage hero

CallRail is a call tracking and marketing analytics tool with conversation intelligence, a lead center, and form tracking. The call recording feature allows you to access and listen to inbound and outbound calls, and the pre-call voice announcement ensures you meet local, state, and federal call recording laws.

Thanks to CallRail’s conversation intelligence features, calls are analyzed and scored in terms of how qualified leads are, so your sales reps can prioritize their follow-ups.

Core Features

  • Conversation intelligence
  • Form tracking
  • Lead center

Best for: Form tracking

Price: Costs start from $40 and rise to $130 depending on requirements.

8. Wingman

Image Source

Alt Text: Wingman conversation intelligence platform with sales recording and more. Screenshot of homepage hero reads ‘less talk, more action-able conversation intelligence.’

Wingman is a conversation intelligence platform for sales teams — featuring sales coaching, sales pipeline visibility, and sales enablement capabilities. Wingman’s call recording feature helps you highlight specific moments from a conversation with a prospect that you can learn from or replicate in the future.

The platform also integrates with a number of CRMs, sales dialers, and video conferencing software to keep all of your conversations and contact information in a central location.

Core Features

  • Call Library
  • Call Summary
  • Call Scorecards
  • Actions in Slack

Best for: Communications in Slack

Price: Prices start from $60 monthly per user and rise to $110 for enterprise.

9. CallTrackingMetrics

Image Source

CallTrackingMetrics is an all-in-one call tracking and contact center platform with call recording and transcriptions. The tool makes it easy to listen and refer to previous prospect conversations. This makes it a great option for any sales team looking to analyze and share calls.

Core Features

  • Integrations with various software, including HubSpot
  • Call recording and transcription
  • Conversation intelligence
  • Deal management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Team collaboration
  • Integrations

Best for: Sales teams, call analysis

Price: New users can start with a trial before subscribing to monthly packages. Performance packages cost $36 monthly; growth plans cost $99 monthly; and connect plans cost $274 monthly. Enterprise users can request custom quotes based on business needs.

10. RingCentral

Image Source

Alt Text: Screenshot of RingCentral, call recording software and business cloud phone system.

RingCentral is a cloud-based messaging, video recording, and phone call platform. Automatic call recording is one of the many features RingCentral offers — in which admins can enable automatic recordings for all their inbound and outbound calls.

Record, download, and playback recordings at any time via any device. To ensure call recordings are legal, an announcement is played before a rep speaks with a prospect to get consent.

Core Features

  • Voice and video call
  • File sharing
  • Contact center
  • Integrations of various software and tools, including CRM systems

Best for: Automatic recordings

Price: Choose from different packages starting at $20 monthly, rising to $35.

11. Twilio

Image Source

Alt Text: Twilio homepage screenshot. Hero reads ‘Twilio Customer Engagement Platform’.

Twilio is a communication API platform for sales, service, ops, and marketing focused on SMS, voice, and video. The programmable voice feature allows you to place, receive, monitor, search, and record calls from anywhere. Your call recordings are safely stored with public-key encryption to keep conversations secure.

Core Features

  • Twilio engage
  • Twilio segment
  • Twilio flex
  • SMS
  • Conversations
  • Verify

Best for: Sales teams

Price: Twilio pricing varies widely based on your requirements.

12. Avoma

Image Source

Alt Text: Screenshot of Avoma’s homepage. Screenshot shows how the tool helps business before, during and after meetings. During the meeting includes call recording software and transcription.

Avoma is an AI meeting assistant and conversation intelligence tool. The tool has three main features with unique functions. The conversation assistant features records, transcribes, and provides notes on your calls for you.

The conversation intelligence feature highlights conversation topics, trends, and deal risks. And the conversation intelligence feature allows you to search for keywords and moments from a call. You can easily pinpoint and reference the most important parts of a conversation.

Core Features

  • Call recording
  • Customer scoring
  • Call analysis
  • Speech-to-text
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence

Best for: Searchable keywords

Price: Pricing plans range from $17 to $85. A free trial is also available.

13. Avoxi

Image Source

AVOXI is a cloud-based voice and contact center system. This software allows businesses to set up virtual numbers and automates customer support procedures.

Business managers use AVOXI to customize their user interface and automatically route incoming calls to specific agents. Plus, you can customize greetings for the ultimate customer experience. Your teams can also receive email transcriptions of voice calls when they’re busy or need a prompt to return a call.

Core Features

  • Automatic call distribution
  • Call monitoring
  • Call queue
  • Call management
  • Integrations of several tools

Best for: Customer support

Price: The launch package is free to use. Then, it’s $19.99 per user for the contact package or $39.99 for the engaged enterprise plan.

`14. Live Agent

Image Source

Live Agent is a customer service and support tool that offers call recording and more. This web-based tool will allow you to interact with customers in real time through various platforms like email, chat, and social media.

Core Features

  • Multi-channel support
  • Live chat
  • Knowledge base
  • Integration of social media platforms, such Facebook and Twitter
  • Reporting analytics
  • Automation
  • Integration of third-party tools

Best for: Small business

Price: Small businesses can start with payment plans from $9 per month an agent. Packages rise to $49. You can start for free.

15. Ringover

Image Source

Ringover is a call recording software for businesses. This software will record calls so you can play them back for analysis and reflection. With Ringover, you can improve the quality of your customer service and support. Recording and analyzing sales calls can help bolster sales performance, too.

Core Features

  • Virtual phone number
  • IVR and call routing
  • Integrations with third-party applications

Best for: Customer support and sales

Price: Monthly plans start at €19 and €39. For those needing a more bespoke requirement, you can customize your plan.

16. Aircall

Image Source

Aircall is a cloud-based phone system and calls center for businesses. Developed to support businesses of all sizes, Aircall can grow with you.

Use this software to manage and streamline activities related to customer support and sales engagement operations.

Key features

  • Call recording
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Integrations
  • Mobile App

Best for: Growing businesses

Price: A free trial is available. The monthly subscription plans vary between $30 and $50 per user monthly. Aircall asks that you start with three users minimum. For those requiring more than the packages can offer, you can call for a custom service.

Using Call Recording Software

Call recording software is powerful. It gives you the necessary information to follow up with prospects effectively and in a targeted way. It also helps you improve your selling technique, sales process, training, and more. Consider the various tools above, choose the right option for your team, and start recording.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in December 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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