Conversation Intelligence: What It Is and How It Improves Productivity Among Sales Reps

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Kristen Baker
Kristen Baker



Think about how many conversations one salesperson has with leads and prospects over the course of a quarter. Now think about how many a team of salespeople has over the course of a quarter.

what is conversation intelligence and how can it make your sales reps more productive

As a result of these conversations, many valuable details about your target audience and buyer personas are uncovered. However, it can also become difficult to remember (let alone, record) every detail from these discussions.

The good news is that conversation intelligence software exists to help you with this.

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Conversation Intelligence

Conversation intelligence (CI) is a fairly new technology — however, it's becoming more popular among the leading sales teams across different industries today. In this article, we’ll cover what CI is, why it’s important, how it works, and tools that you may choose to implement on your team.

Learn about the evolving impact of intelligent tools on sales coaching for developing a top-performing team with this free conversation intelligence guide.

Why is conversation intelligence important?

It can be difficult coaching a growing team of sales reps — there isn’t always time for a sales manager to focus on each rep and their unique strengths and areas for growth.

For instance, if you’re a scaling company with a sales org that’s quickly growing in number, it’d likely be difficult for a sales manager to listen to the 30-60 minute sales calls of every rep, every day, to provide actionable feedback. This simply wouldn’t be effective or sustainable.

By implementing a conversation intelligence tool on your team, you'll know if sales reps are…

… staying productive and efficient while communicating with prospects.

… actively listening while on calls with prospects.

… using and applying their training.

… sticking to their scripts.

… using the software to their advantage.

Conversation Intelligence Tools

There are a variety of conversation intelligence tools available today — here are six options to help you narrow your search.

1. HubSpot Conversation Intelligence

Call index - call review panel search for competitorsPro Tip: Use HubSpot’s Conversation Intelligence tool to bring the voice of your customer directly into your CRM and make coaching easy for your sales team.

HubSpot’s Conversation Intelligence software is unique because it’s integrated with your all-in-one CRM platform. This means every interaction with a customer is stored in the associated contact record alongside all other information about that individual (e.g. past communications, purchase history, service inquiries, and more) — all in a single location.

HubSpot’s Conversation Intelligence tool records hours worth of sales calls and collects resulting voice data for you. When paired with contact data in your CRM, you can unlock impactful sales coaching opportunities and valuable information about your leads — which ultimately means you'll be able to better target them throughout the buyer's journey and offer a delightful customer experience.

Additionally, as a HubSpot Conversation Intelligence and CRM user, you’ll be able to report on conversation keyword data that’s tied to your deal information in order to initiate the appropriate sales workflows.

Learn about CI from HubSpot experts and early adopters, and discover how HubSpot can help you increase sales rep productivity with this free, on-demand webinar.

2. Avoma

avoma conversation intelligenceAvoma is an AI meeting assistant software. The tool offers three main features. Conversation Assistant automates the processes of note-taking, transcript creation, and data entry. Conversation Intelligence provides the most important insights and trends from rep-to-customer interactions for sales coaching. Lastly, Conversation Collaboration streamlines cross-team communication and alignment, as well as the process of sharing feedback with reps.

3. Wingman

wingman conversation intelligenceWingman is a conversation intelligence tool for scaling sales teams — it offers call recording, real-time sales coaching, and sales performance analysis.

Wingman's Sales Coaching feature makes it easy for sales leaders to pinpoint specific calls and/or parts of those conversations that can be used in rep training.

The tool's Sales Pipeline makes your sales forecasts as accurate as possible by adding all sales interactions to a single timeline. This way, you can pinpoint your strongest and at-risk deals. Finally, the sales enablement feature provides live cues, alerts, and bookmarks to flag specific opportunities during conversations to help you improve conversions.

4. Jiminny

jiminy conversation intelliegenceJiminny is a conversational AI, sales coaching, and sales tracking tool that pairs with your browser and automatically adds conversation and meeting data to your CRM.

The tool makes it easy to record, transcribe, and analyze all of your sales conversations. Jiminny identifies important themes in your sales conversations for you — then, it automatically logs them for you in your CRM along with all other rep-to-prospect interactions.

5. Ciara

611d1e20ed8e0535237bcdc6_c7RyIJgJNFDkkn5Brefnm-harXHf0Kfy66xa4rQocymSC9MmyNzSUy1ssSl4dsdApZ32edlkT4Bv6Lu6U-zo-W1fZv02IsPr-Ib9I-10s4a_Ee8N0lFap3IDdvwlT9GFbcDf4qseCiara is a sales enablement and conversation intelligence software. Ciara captures virtual meeting and phone interactions between reps and your customers. It also identifies and flags the most important deal insights from those conversations for you.

Ciara provides real-time guidance based on previous interactions with specific prospects and customers to improve conversions and the buyer's journey.

6. Fireflies

coversation intelligence is a free meeting recording and transcription service. The AI assistant makes it easy to record, search, and transcribe all of your voice conversations.

The tool automatically records conversations that occur across any web conferencing software. It transcribes those conversations in real-time as well as previously recorded audio files that you upload to the tool. You can comment on, flag, and search conversations to make collaboration and sales coaching easy.

Improve Productivity on Your Sales Team with CI

Conversation intelligence has the power to make your sales team significantly more productive. It can also enhance your sales process and make it easier to collect contact data and tailor communications and content to your target audience.


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