5 Behaviors of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People [Infographic]

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



Work is an emotional thing -- especially when you're in sales. Ever lost a deal on the last day on the month that meant the difference between crushing your number and missing quota?


Yeah. I'm willing to bet some feelings are bubbling up even just thinking about that awful day.

Employees don't check their emotions at the door when they come into the office, and that's why emotional intelligence -- the ability to recognize and manage your own and others' feelings -- is so important. 

Are you emotionally intelligent? According to the following infographic from the University of Maryland, the following five behaviors indicate a high EQ: 

  1. Admitting and learning from mistakes
  2. Controlling your emotions
  3. Listening more than you speak
  4. Taking criticism well
  5. Remaining calm under pressure 

Check out the image below to learn how to assess and improve your emotional intelligence right now.

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