You probably spend a lot of time cultivating valuable connections by prospecting on LinkedIn, and it’s likely that at some point, you’ll want to download those contacts’ information to further nurture those connections.

But how do you do that? Where do you get started when exporting LinkedIn contacts -- and then what? Read on for step-by-step directions with helpful, up-to-date screenshots.

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If you’ve arrived on this page looking for how to export your LinkedIn Contacts into Gmail or how to export your LinkedIn Contacts into Excel, it should be noted that the process is the same to achieve both of these goals.

Your data will be sent to the email address associated with your LinkedIn account. If that account is a Gmail account, LinkedIn will send your data there. We’ll walk through instructions on how to import your LinkedIn Connections into your Gmail account a little later in this post.

To export your LinkedIn Connections into Excel, the process remains the same. Your download will be in .CSV format which can be opened as an Excel document. So, let’s dive into how to export/download LinkedIn Contacts.

1. Click the “Me” dropdown menu in the upper right-hand side of your LinkedIn navigation bar.

how to export contacts from LinkedIn

2. Click “Settings & Privacy.”

how to export connections in LinkedIn

3. Click the “Privacy” tab.

how to export connections

4. Scroll down to “Download your data” which is under the “How LinkedIn uses your data” section.

how to download LinkedIn data

5. Click “Download your data.”

downloading connections

6. Select the data (in this case, ‘Connections’) you’d like to export. Click “Request archive.”

export LinkedIn contacts

You’ll see the “Request pending” notification and should receive your export at the email address associated with your LinkedIn account within 10 minutes.

8. Click the “download it with this link” prompt in your notification email

email LinkedIn contacts in Gmail

9. Click “Download archive”

Downloading exports from LinkedIn

10. Open your .CSV file to access your data

CSV of LinkedIn connections

1. Click the “Apps” icon in the top right corner of your Gmail account.

importing connections to Gmail

2. Click the blue “Contacts” icon.

importing LinkedIn connections to Gmail

3. Click the “Import contacts” prompt in the middle of your page.

importing contacts

4. Select the .CSV file you downloaded from LinkedIn.

importing CSV to Gmail

5. Your connections will automatically populate in the “Contacts” section of your Gmail account.

Ready to start exporting your connections from LinkedIn? Of course you are. If you want to expand your LinkedIn skills, check out these LinkedIn Sales Navigator secrets every good prospector needs.

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Originally published Aug 1, 2019 7:30:00 AM, updated August 01 2019


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