How to Write a Follow-Up Email After an Interview [Templates + Tips]

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Standing out from hundreds — sometimes thousands — of candidates, competitors, others conducting business in your industry can be tough.

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If you want to get a job, close a deal, or foster a valuable business relationship, though, you have to find a way.

The question is, how?

Besides polishing your resume, doing well during an interview, and impressing potential customers in pitch meetings, there’s another factor you can work to perfect: follow-up emails.

Free Download: 30 Follow-Up Email Templates

Follow-up emails should be sent after interviews, application and resume submissions, business meetings, sales pitches, and more.

Now, you may be thinking, but I already send follow-up emails.

However, it's all about how your email is crafted — from your subject line to your signature. Your follow-up email needs to be professional and flawless. This message could be the final push your recipient needs to hire you, become a paying customer, or agree to another meeting.

To start, let's take a look at possible subject lines you can include to grab the attention of your recipients.

Follow-Up Email Subject Lines

Subject lines are the first thing your recipient sees — meaning, they impact your open rate.

To help you craft a subject line for your follow-up email that will make your recipients want to open and read your message, we've compiled a list of some of the most effective options for different scenarios.

1. Follow-Up Email Subject Lines After an Application

  • Appreciate your time and consideration
  • Excited about [ ___ ] opportunity
  • Following up on my application for [Position Title]

2. Follow-Up Email Subject Lines After an Meeting With Recruiter

  • Pleasure to learn more about [Company Name]
  • Can't wait to explore [Position Title] further
  • Some extra information about [Topic of Conversation]

2. Follow-Up Email Subject Lines for After a Phone Interview

  • Thank you for your time today, [Name]!
  • Update on [____]?
  • Next steps?

3. Follow-Up Email Subject Lines After an In-Person Interview

  • Any other information you need?
  • Have time for another chat, [Name]?
  • Thank you for your consideration

Next, we'll cover some tips regarding your post-interview follow-up email.

How to Write a Follow-Up Email After an Interview

Let's review how to write a follow-up email after you wrap up an interview — the email doesn't have to be long, but it should include the following items.

  • Strong subject line
  • Introduction using the recipient's name (e.g. "Hi [Name],")
  • Specific discussion points and details from the interview or meeting
  • Reasons why you're qualified and the right fit for the position
  • Expression of even deeper interest in the opportunity now that you had the interview/ meeting
  • Gratitude for the interviewers time and consideration
  • A question to ask if the recipient needs anything else from you in the meantime
  • Signature (e.g. Best, [Name])

Let's review some follow-up email templates applicable to a number of common scenarios that you can use.

10 Follow-Up Email Templates

Here are ten follow-up email templates for different use cases you can customize for your recipients.

1. Follow-Up Email To Recruiter

If you’ve ever been to a job fair, you’ve seen the swarms of people working towards the same thing: leaving a lasting, positive impression on recruiters.

However, with so many people, names, and resumes being shared with recruiters every day, it can be difficult to ensure they remember you.To help with this, send a follow-up email that conveys your interest and the value you'd bring to the team.

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