4 Questions to Uncover Prospects' Challenges and Goals [Free HubSpot Sales Training Excerpt]

Lauren Hintz
Lauren Hintz





After you've learned what your prospect is trying to achieve and what the blockers are, you're ready to introduce the things that you do that can help them. Ideally, these are things that you are uniquely positioned to help them with -- things your competition can’t do. 

Ask these questions to get the conversation started.

  1. Would you be open to hearing another way to approach solving challenge X?
  2. Have you thought about trying to do X in order to achieve goal Y?
  3. Would it help if I showed you how other companies implemented X in order to eliminate challenge Y?
  4. Most companies who struggle with challenge X, find that solution Y eliminates 95% of the problem. Do you think that would be an improvement for you?

Afterward, you should be able to confirm that they're indeed interested in implementing your solutions. If they aren’t, figure out why. Once you discuss them, ask them if they are convinced that your suggestions and ideas will help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals more assuredly.

Next, it's time to understand your buyer's timeline, urgency, negative consequences and positive implications. That way you can see what external pressures they have riding on this purchasing decision. In this two-minute video, you'll learn the exact questions you can ask to get answers to all of those concerns.

Interested in more videos like this? It's a short exercept from HubSpot Academy's free sales training course. You can register for the full course here.  

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