10 Inspiring Sales Books That Will Transform the Way You Sell

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Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



While some salespeople crush their jobs from day one, the majority of reps require a bit of ramp-up time before the contracts start rolling in. It might be days, months, or even a year or two before a salesperson feels they're 100% effective in their role.

But even after they reach proficiency, the best sellers continue to refine and hone their craft throughout their career. How do they do this? By learning from the experts. 

A good sales book can bring fresh new perspective to even the most tenured of reps. Ideal Candidate asked sales influencers what books changed the way they approached the sales game, and compiled answers in the following SlideShare. Flip through the deck, and then bust out your Kindle or make a trip to the bookstore after work.  


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