How B2B Commerce Businesses Can Accept International Payments

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Katherine Boyarsky
Katherine Boyarsky


If you’re not already taking advantage of digital payments, it’s a promising untapped opportunity that's accessible to most online businesses — and B2B businesses should invest now. E-commerce (accepting virtual payments) has already grown significantly among B2C brands, and the digital payment market is predicted to more than double by 2026, growing from a market size of $80B to $180B.

Learn More About HubSpot's Payments Software

Accepting online payments and making payments available in multiple regions or currencies – no matter where your company is based – is not only a smart business choice, but it’s accessible using tools like HubSpot and its payment partners. When your company decides to accept online payments outside of your region, it can be an impactful first step towards building a global sales strategy.

McKinsey reports that instant payments are up globally since 2020, from company-specific commerce platforms to embedded social media selling, and predicts that cross-border payments represent a huge growth opportunity for businesses.

Ecommerce websites can now change their prices into various currencies, and seemingly anything — clothing, electronics, makeup, gaming equipment, housewares, you name it — can be shipped anywhere.

If your company is based outside of the U.S., it can be a challenge to find a payment processing system that serves your business. But that’s all changing. With the proliferation of online payment systems, the business world is more connected than ever.

By expanding your B2B’s scope to international users, you stand to gain not only customers, but increased brand awareness and reach, and a stronger foundation for your company’s future. Customers in countries other than your own can benefit from your product, so make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

In this article, we’ll get into how your B2B commerce business can start accepting payments internationally. Let your customers subscribe or buy internationally and grow your business more than you’d ever thought possible.

You’ll also have to consider localizing your content, marketing, sales, and customer support for new regions and languages.

If you’re not already accepting payments virtually, you can set it all up without leaving HubSpot using HubSpot payments. With natively-built CRM-powered payments, the customer experience is seamless and secure and you get paid faster. HubSpot payments is currently available to U.S.-based customers — with future plans to expand globally.

If your business is based outside of the U.S., you can still take payments through HubSpot thanks to the third-party apps in HubSpot's App Marketplace. These integration partners make it quick and easy to accept payments internationally, helping you grow your business.

Find a service that works with your systems, offers multiple digital payment options for customers, and has the lowest fees possible. Finally, ensure your website and company can support, fulfill, manage, and track those international transactions and orders — this is often the trickiest part.

What does your business need to accept international payments?

  1. An all-in-one CRM, such as HubSpot. This is critical for centralizing your customer’s data as you begin to expand your B2B business and accept international payments online.
  2. A payments tool, like HubSpot payments or one of HubSpot’s international payment app partners, that supports payments in the countries where you are located, sell, or accept payment from (and that integrates with your current systems)
  3. A localization department or team for new markets, including a legal or finance representative

For businesses based outside of the U.S. still looking to accept payments through HubSpot, we’ll outline 13 great apps that integrate seamlessly with your HubSpot operations to accept online payments and expedite your global sales and marketing workflows.

1. Stripe

international payments stripeCountries Available:135+ countries.

Currencies Available: Includes 135+ currencies, including USD, JPY, EUR, CAD, AUD, and more.

Languages Available: Stripe supports 30+ languages for checkout and payment including English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and more

About: The Stripe integration with HubSpot is a payment processing platform for digital transactions that integrates with HubSpot, and it’s available in multiple languages, including Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, and Spanish. With this integration, you can create trackable quotes in HubSpot, send them to prospects, and get paid through Stripe right from the quote, expediting the sales process. When a payment is accepted, HubSpot will automatically add a new customer to the CRM and add their subscription in Stripe.

Best For: Companies with an advanced global sales and marketing strategy seeking to expand their international presence.

2. CheckoutHQ

international payments checkouthqCountries Available: Uses Stripe, which is available in 135+ countries.

Currencies Available: Stripe supports 135+ currencies, including USD, JPY, EUR, CAD, AUD, and more.

Languages Available: CheckoutHQ supports English and Stripe supports 30+ languages for checkout and payment

About: The CheckoutHQ integration with HubSpot leverages Stripe to offer a customized checkout experience that’s part of a lightweight e-commerce flow in HubSpot. With this integration, your HubSpot theme is automatically applied to checkout pages.

Best For: Companies looking to improve their checkout workflows and optimize using attribution reporting and personalization. CheckoutHQ streamlines online ordering with templates, styled checkout forms, and more.

3. One Page Pay

international payments one page pay

Countries Available: Uses Stripe, which is available in 135+ countries, and PayPal, which is available in 200+ countries.

Currencies Available:Stripe supports 135+ currencies and PayPal supports 25 global currencies.

Languages Available: One Page Pay supports English and Stripe is available in 30+ languages

About: The One Page Pay integration with HubSpot automatically creates payment forms that connect with HubSpot, and connects with payment gateways including Stripe and PayPal. Every transaction is automatically tracked and updated in your HubSpot CRM.

Best For: Companies using multiple payment types, including recurring subscriptions, payment plans, or pre-authorized payments.

4. FormPay

international payments formpay

Countries Available: Uses Amazon Pay, which supports payments in 65+ countries, and Adyen, which is available in Europe, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, and more. FormPay also connects with Stripe and PayPal.

Currencies Available:Amazon Pay is available for 30+ currencies including EUR, GBP, AUD, BRL, CAD, and more, and Adyen supports payments in AUD, BRL, CAD, EUR, and more.

Languages Available: FormPay is currently available in English and French, and it works through HubSpot, which is available in Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

About: The FormPay integration with HubSpot enables all HubSpot customers, including U.S. and non-U.S. based businesses, to collect payment directly through HubSpot free form builder, improving customer experiences and expanding your business’s global potential. This integration helps simplify the checkout process, segment customers in HubSpot using FormPay data, and connect to global payment gateways.

Best For: Companies with a growing international presence using HubSpot for their sales and operations systems.

5. Airwallex

international payments airwallex

Countries Available: All countries.

Currencies Available: All currencies.

Languages Available: Airwallex is available in English and Chinese.

About: Airwallex allows your company to accept international payments through secure payment links generated directly through HubSpot. You’ll be notified as soon as a customer pays, and you’ll be able to access transaction details as well as international conversion information.

Best For: Companies who want the flexibility to allow customers anywhere in the world to pay in the currency and payment method of their choosing.

6. Chargebee

international payments chargebee

Countries Available: Chargebee supports recurring payments across 150+ countries — see the full list and choose your country from the drop-down menu to see what’s available.

Currencies Available: Chargebee works in over 100 currencies. See the full list of currencies, and also ensure that your payment gateway supports your currency.

Languages Available: Chargebee supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish translations.

About: Chargebee is a subscription billing and revenue management platform that lets sales teams create subscriptions in Chargebee straight from HubSpot. It lets you Use gateways smartly, get paid from anywhere, comply with global tax laws, and localize customer experiences.

Best For: Companies working on a subscription model.

7. Billforward

international payments billforwardCountries Available: Anywhere their payment gateways can be used, including PayPal, Stripe, Square, CyberSource, Sage, Zooz, GoCardless, and more.

Currencies Available: USD, GBP, EUR, as well as 20 other currencies and more on demand.

Languages Available: This app is available in English.

About: The Billforward integration with HubSpot gives you the most advanced and comprehensive subscription management tools with two-way sync covering Contacts, Contact Properties, CRM Extensions, and Deal Properties.

Best For: Companies with recurring revenue models, like subscriptions, who want to cut back on data cleanup and syncing time.

8. Zaybra

international payments zaybra

Countries Available: Canada, and all countries that accept the Euro.

Currencies Available: USD, EUR, CAD.

Languages Available: Zaybra is available in English.

About:Zaybra links your company’s Stripe and HubSpot accounts, so you can continue to use Stripe’s features directly from your HubSpot dashboard, and you can map your HubSpot products to Stripe to maintain data integrity. The Zaybra app allows transaction and subscription management from within HubSpot, and users are able to leverage automated communications via events that occur in Stripe.

Best For: Companies that use Stripe to process international payments but still want to take advantage of HubSpot’s automated communications, like email confirmations and newsletters.

9. MultiPay for HubSpot

international payments multipay

Countries Available: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay, Panama, Paraguay, Venezuela, and any country that uses the Euro.


Languages Available: MultiPay for HubSpot is offered in English and Spanish, and Portuguese is coming soon.

About:MultiPay for HubSpot has been designed to function as closely to the HubSpot Payments experience as possible. Multipay allows your business to connect multiple payment processors and select which one you would like to use for each payment link generated, giving your business more flexibility.

Best For: Companies who use various different payment processors and who want the ease of a very similar interface to HubSpot Payments, as well as companies looking to prioritize expansion to Central America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

10. DepositFix

international payments depositfixCountries Available: All countries supported by Stripe and PayPal.

Currencies Available: All currencies supported by Stripe and PayPal.

Languages Available: With DepositFix, users can translate form fields into any language, and the app is available in English.

About: DepositFix is an advanced payment tool that works exclusively with HubSpot, providing a seamless payment and post-payment experience for your customers. DepositFix works best to sell digital products, memberships, subscriptions as well as accepting donations.

Best For: Companies looking to go big in nearly every country in the world, because between PayPal and Stripe’s extensive coverage options, there are few places you can’t sell to. Use DepositFix to sell event tickets, courses, digital products, memberships, subscriptions and accept donations.

11. Cartfuel

international payments cartfuelCountries Available: All countries served by PayPal.

Currencies Available: Cartfuel supports any currency listed by Stripe and Paypal.

Languages Available: Cartfuel’s app is offered in English, but Cartfuel users can choose to translate form fields into English, French, Spanish, or Russian.

About: The Cartfuel integration with HubSpot allows customers to embed payment forms onto their website, so that they can use their branding. Additionally, it is possible to edit the payment forms. Customers can change the payment text or button text to a different language or color. To increase customers' average order value, offer features like order bumps and one-click upsells. It is best to sell digital products like memberships, tickets, consulting, or memberships.

Best For: Companies who want complete control over their brand image and copy, down to the payment process and form fields.

12. Paycove

international payments paycoveCountries Available: EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia

Currencies Available: 135+ currencies, including USD, EUR, CAD, GBP

Languages Available: Paycove is available in more than 10 languages including English, Spanish, German, and French.

About:Paycove is designed to be easy to use — most billing scenarios are already set up and can be supported out-of-the-box. Set up payments like subscriptions or one-time payments and create online invoices that can be paid by credit, debit, ACH, Wires, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Buy Now Pay Later, and more. Paycove integrates with Stripe, Quickbooks, TaxJar, Xero, and Zapier and offers an API for custom workflows.

Best For: Users looking for pre-made payment templates and flexibility in payment types. Great for SaaS businesses or B2B companies with a subscription payment or split payment model.

13. Chargify

international payments chargifyCountries Available: All countries supported by Chargify’s payment gateway providers, including Stripe

Currencies Available:30+ currencies supported by payment gateways

Languages Available: Chargify’s app is available in English.

About:Chargify allows HubSpot customers using multiple payment gateways to process payments more effectively and optimize their payment systems.

Best For: Chargify is best for B2B SaaS companies using specialized, recurring billing and subscription management.

Grow your business internationally with HubSpot

Accepting international payments is an important step in the growth of your online business. Serving customers outside of your region helps expand your reach and further your brand, letting more and more people know your tools or products are worth checking out. With the right tools, it’s easy to take international payments and keep your business growing.



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