This 5-Step Prospecting Technique Will Transform Your Pipeline

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Marc Wayshak
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Are you too busy to prospect? Maybe you’re so preoccupied with servicing current customers that you fail to prioritize finding new business. Or you’re spending all your time trying to get those last few deals to close this month and have put off prospecting for longer than you intended. In either case, there’s a simple way to transform your pipeline, filling it to the brim with qualified prospects.

By taking the 5-Day Sales Challenge -- described in the video below -- you’ll start to form better prospecting habits and establish an easy-to-follow strategy for filling your pipeline with new, high-quality prospects. Check it out:

Commit to the following daily activities, and watch as you dominate your competition in sales:

Day 1: Identify five ideal prospects.

Start this 5-day Sales Challenge by identifying a list of five or more ideal prospects. Focus on the bigger fish with bigger budgets -- and don’t be afraid to disqualify prospects who aren’t a good fit.

Being honest about who is or isn’t an ideal prospect will free up your time to focus on the very best prospects. This will immediately improve the quality of your pipeline. Once you’ve identified these target individuals, simply record them in your CRM tool or a spreadsheet.

Day 2: Research, research, research.

Before you get your ideal prospects on the phone, research them as thoroughly as possible. Find their contact information and search for them on Google and LinkedIn. Consult Read press releases and social media posts. Collect all of the data you possibly can on these prospects and their companies.

Day 3: Call, leave a voicemail, and email.

On Day 3, it’s time to approach your ideal prospects. Have a script ready for each call you make, and make sure you’re familiar with the research you collected yesterday.

If you happen to get them on the phone, take the time to fully understand what’s going on in their world. Ask them about their challenges, budget, and decision-making process right away.

It’s far more likely that you won’t get through to your prospects on the first try. In that case, leave a voicemail letting them know you’ll be sending them a package in the next few days. Then follow up with an email that reiterates a package will be coming their way soon.

Day 4: Send them a package.

Now it’s time to follow through on the promise you made on Day 3. Send your prospects something of value. Send your prospects a package -- it could be a book, magazine article, or even a sample of your product.

Be sure to use FedEx to mail your package. Why? It’s simple -- everyone opens FedEx packages. Even the CEO of a Fortune 500 company will open a package from FedEx, so your package is far more likely to end up in the right hands.

Day 5: Contact them again.

Once you’ve mailed your package, it’s time to follow up with your prospects. Call them again, and leave another voicemail if you don’t get them on the phone. It’s also a great idea to follow up with another email to your prospects.

You’ve already told your prospects to look out for a package you sent via FedEx -- follow up in a few days to see if they received it. You might have to reach out multiple times until you get them on the phone. These first five days are critical to building momentum with your prospects.

How will you transform your sales pipeline with this 5-Day Sales Challenge? Share your goals and ideas in the comments below. And while you’re at it, check out this 9-Day Sales Intensive to take your selling power to the next level.

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