relationships-matter-more-than-ever-modern-selling-infographicWhile on the receiving end of a sales call recently, the sales representative was trying to explain how impressive his program's success was with performance metrics. But instead of impressing me, I was completely unmoved.

The results he was showing me were obvious to an experienced marketer. As a prospect, I want a seller who can provide me with new knowledge and value -- not share the basics of how a digital marketing campaign should perform. And as the seller, it was his job to research my needs and to describe value that is nowhere in existence for me currently.

Maybe then he would see that my issues weren't rooted in performance excellence, but rather in time constraints and efficiency gaps. I wanted to hear how his solution would save me time, make me more productive, and so on. Instead he started our relationship on the wrong foot.

Turns out many prospects feel this way. The folks at introhive collected data and insight on this topic, and presented it in the infographic below. Check it out to see how modern selling needs to adapt, particularly when it comes to building relationships with today's modern buyer. 

5 Stats On Show How Buying Behavior Has Changed

  • 66% of sales professionals believe the buying process is changing faster than sales organizations. [Click to Tweet!]
  • 64% of B2B sales professionals say cold calling hasn't improved in the last three years. [Click to Tweet!]
  • Cold calls are 60% more expensive than generating inbound leads. [Click to Tweet!]
  • 93% of buying process start with an internet search. [Click to Tweet!]
  • Conversations with leads through digital channels drove an increase in the speed of closing a deal by nearly 20%. [Click to Tweet!]

Why Relationships Matter More Than Ever In Modern Selling


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Originally published May 23, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated July 28 2017


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