Finally - An Automated Script That Unlocks Which Emails Need Follow Up

Jonathan Kim



Ever send out an email but get no response? Yeah, me too.

Turns out many of my emails go unopened. And oftentimes, it takes just one follow up email to get the response I was looking for. 

  • To help streamline this my follow up time, I wanted a sales automation-style solution to remind me which emails need that extra nudge. So, I created a script that automatically buckets all emails that haven't been opened but need a follow up.

For those who can bear it, we're going to get technical and walk through how you can build it for your own gmail inbox.

What does this follow up email script do?

It creates and manages two new labels in my Gmail inbox:

1. "No Response" for emails that have garnered no reply and you need to follow up on.
2. "Ignore No Response" for emails you don't need to follow up on.

The script periodically goes through your email and finds messages between five and 14 days-old where you were the last person to respond. Basically, the goal is to find messages where a follow up email would be appropriate. 

How to install your follow up email script - 

Step 1: Visit the Google Scripts site and click the blue "Start Scripting" button. Scripts are stored in Google Drive, so you can edit them there later if desired.


Step 2: Visit my "Gmail - No Response Script." Copy the code I've made, and paste it into your script document. You can change the label names from "No Response" or "Ignore No Response" if you'd like - perhaps to say "Needs Follow Up" or "Doesn't Need Follow Up."


Step 3: Click the clock icon to create a trigger that will run this script on a set schedule. I set mine up to run daily at midnight. 


Step 4: Under the "Run" tab in your navigation bar, click main. This will run and save your work. 


You’ll now have two new labels in your inbox that you can check and do whatever you'd like with. Simply refresh your Gmail screen to see them appear under "labels" in your left-hand menu.


A version of this post originally appeared on Jonathan's blog. This version was created to provide non-technical readers a step-by-step walk through.

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