Do you have a question about inside sales? The Bridge Group has a stat for that.

Just like the periodic table of elements documents all of the known chemical elements, the periodic table of inside sales metrics contains all of the benchmark information an inside sales manager could possibly need.

Wondering how much to pay your team? The average base salary is $53,000 for an inside sales rep, $46,000 for a sales development rep, and $91,000 for a manager. Maybe you'd like to get a sense of where your reps' activity metrics fall in relation to other inside sales organizations. According to the chart, inside sales development team members make an average of 52 calls per day, and inside reps have approximately 6.3 conversations in the same time frame. The resource also provides information on sales quota and SaaS metrics. 

If ever there was an infographic to print out and attach to your wall, this is the one. I have a feeling you'll be referring to it a lot.

Click the image to enlarge:


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Originally published Jan 30, 2015 7:30:00 AM, updated February 01 2017


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