The 125 Best Sales Team Names Ever. No Question. Point Blank. Period.

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Jay Fuchs
Jay Fuchs


In August 2022, I came up with the first 100 sales team names listed here, and believe me when I say that I wish I never did. If I could go back, I would have passed off the assignment to another writer and spared myself that experience.

sales team names being delegated to a sales team

Thinking of those 100 terrible sales puns and supporting each one with a unique description was the most emotionally, physically, spiritually draining experience of my career — and to add insult to injury, the article never wound up ranking first on Google for the keyword “sales team names.”

So in a last-ditch effort to finish what I started and push this article to the top of the search engine results page, I decided to revisit the most traumatic experience of my professional life and come up with an additional 25 names. So without further ado, here are 125 fun, funny, and creative (all secondary SEO keywords I needed to cover) sales team names. Good luck, and may God have mercy on my soul.

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Why does my sales team need a name?

Fun Sales Team Names

Funny Sales Team Names

Creative Sales Team Names

Why does my sales team need a name?

Why does your sales team need a name? I would mostly say because I've wasted way too much time, energy, and power of will on this list for you to say, "Hmmm — no, thank you. I gave it some thought, and I don't think my sales team needs one of these. I'm not going to keep reading this article," and not have me take that as a personal affront on my identity.

But also, sales team names are a heck of a lot of fun! It can add a little extra pep-in-your-reps'-step and give everyone a sense of "we're all in this together-ness." And while it might not move mountains, it's still a neat way to keep everyone a teensy bit more driven and on the same page — and that extra oomph can go a long way.

But geez Louise! Coming up with one of these names can be hard — and coming up with 125 is exactly 125 TIMES HARDER.

So please, for my sake, at least skim this article — and who knows, one of the names below might be enough to make your team hit the sales floor with a fraction of the misplaced dedication I brought to this godforsaken list.

Best Sales Team Names

Fun Sales Team Names

1. The KPIrates

This one just flat-out makes sense — a classic mascot tweaked to suit a sales team. If you want something this straightforward, you should probably stop reading now. Things get pretty out of hand from here.

2. Quota-rhead

Here, we have a play on the legendary metal outfit, Motörhead — a little bit of a niche pick, but if you happen to have some English heavy metal fans on your team, this could be the way to go. And as you can see from the picture below, those guys didn‘t mess around. If you’re going for that mentality, give “Quota-rhead” some real thought.

Image Source: IMDb

3. The Prospectors

I‘m honestly not that proud of this one. It’s pretty basic — and while the whole “digging for gold both figuratively and literally” aspect of it is kind of neat, it's not going to turn any heads.

4. The Discovery Channel

This one is pretty solid. People are going to get the reference, and it covers a pretty essential activity that your team should have a grip on. Honestly, as I‘m sure you’ll find as you make it down this list, this is one of like five options that‘s not a massive stretch. Consider quitting while you’re ahead.

5. Cold Call Files

This reference might be a little dated. I had to Google "Cold Case Files" to see whether it was still on the air. If you're interested in going with a pop culture reference for your sales team name, there are definitely more relevant ones on this list.

6. The Lead Eaters

I honestly don't really know what I meant here. I guess if your marketing department feeds you leads, you respond by eating them? Bear with me, I had to come up with 100 of these.

7. B2Cashrockets

Okay, so this one is kind of tough. I remember this one guy I know referring to himself as a “cashrocket” a few years ago — so since then, I‘ve assumed "cashrocket" was an actual slang term. But after I put this name down, I Googled "cashrocket" and realized that it isn’t.

That said, I still think the word still sounds cool, and I‘m just going to assume you do too — so if you want to use it for your team, it’s all yours. And it might go without saying, but you should probably sell B2C if you use this one.

8. B2Bumblebees

“Bumblebee” is a fun word, and I needed a B2B team name after I wrote the “cashrocket” one for B2C — this is what I came up with, so here we are.

9. The BANTshees

BANT might be the most prominent, essential selling framework any salesperson needs to have a grip on — and banshees are pretty terrifying. Put them together, you get a pretty sick sales team name.

10. The Funnel Cakes

This one is pretty lighthearted — a bit of a change of pace from something as hardcore as BANTshees. If that‘s more your team’s speed, give this one a try.

11. The Closed-Winners

Here's another basic one. Choose this if you hate fun and are afraid of adventures.

12. Commission: Impossible

Here‘s a play on Tom Cruise’s 1996 classic, Mission: Impossible.

13. Commission: Impossible 2

Here‘s a play on Tom Cruise’s 2000 classic, Mission: Impossible 2.

14. Commission: Impossible III

Here‘s a play on Tom Cruise’s 2006 classic, Mission: Impossible III.

15. Commission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol

Here‘s a play on Tom Cruise’s 2011 classic, Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol.

16. Commission: Impossible — Rogue Nation

Here‘s a play on Tom Cruise’s 2015 classic, Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation.

17. Commission: Impossible — Fallout

Here‘s a play on Tom Cruise’s 2018 classic, Mission: Impossible — Fallout.

18. Commission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One (Coming 2023)

Here‘s a play on Tom Cruise’s upcoming 2023 classic, Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One.

19. Commission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part Two (Coming 2024)

Here‘s a play on Tom Cruise’s upcoming 2024 classic, Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part Two. If you're keeping score, this is going to be the eighth straight impossible mission Tom Cruise has pulled off.

20. The Conversion Pathfinders

This one's a little tricky. Conversion paths are more traditionally associated with marketing, so unless your team is really big on the “pathfinders” aspect of this one, you might want to hold off.

21. The CRM-pire Strikes Back

If you have any team members who love both the Star Wars franchise and your CRM, don't be surprised if they make a push for this one. I honestly thought about trying to do more Star Wars puns, but this was the only one I could come up with on the spot — and I lost steam with the series pretty quickly.

22. “Go Ahead Punk, Decision-Make My Day.”

This one might be a little too hard for your team‘s day-to-day — a reference to Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry might not be in keeping with the energy you‘re trying to promote. But if you’re that intense about sales, this could be the one.

23. “Objection, Shmobjection!”

This one reflects a certain attitude that might not be too healthy or productive for your team. Prospects' objections should never be dismissed. They should be considered, diagnosed, and ultimately remedied — but if your attitude is a bit more pedal-to-the-floor, “whoever said 'the customer is always right' was definitely a customer” than that, feel free to go with this one.

24. The Quotarboats

I just really like this one. I don‘t know why exactly, but it’s my favorite. Deal with it.

25. Method(ology) Man

A nice Wu-Tang Clan reference never hurt anybody in sales. If anything, you want your team to be as cohesive as they are in Shaolin.

26. The Minnesota KPI-kings

Full disclosure — I went a little off the rails with the Minnesota Vikings sales puns here. I'm sorry in advance.

27. The Win-nesota Vikings

It gets worse.

28. The Minne-closed-a Vikings

Just you wait.

29. The Win-ne-closed-a KPI-kings


30. “Cold Call Me Maybe”

Carly Rae Jepsen's flagship hit always gets the people going — so this one is a fun way to get your team motivated to pick up the phone.

31. “Warm Call Me Maybe”

See the previous name — only this one is a little less imposing and awkward.

32. The Quali-fire Starters

Qualification is one of the most crucial, tricky aspects of any sales process. This name plays on that part of the practice and adds a little oomph to it. Be careful though — starting fires is technically arson in a lot of contexts.

33. The Quali-fire Fighters

Again, this one is a play on qualification, but it references an action that's more noble and productive than starting fires.

34. “Somebody Call 9-1-1; Shorty Quali-fire Burning on the Dance Floor.”

When's the last time you heard this song by Sean Kingston? This name will bring your average salesperson back to that Spring Fling dance at C.T. English Middle School where they finally found the courage to ask Lily Hudson from language arts class to dance — and even though she gave them a hard “no,” they were still very proud of themselves for asking. If that doesn‘t get them in the zone, I don’t know what will.

Funny Sales Team Names

35. The (Pipe)Line Dancers

Get it? Pipeline? Line dancing? Pipeline combined with line dancing? Yeah, this one is solid.

36. Walk the (Pipe)Line

Get it? Pipeline? Joaquin Phoenix playing Johnny Cash? Pipeline combined with Joaquin Phoenix playing Johnny Cash? Yeah, this one is solid.

37. The Lead Generational Talents

High-quality leads are the lifeblood of a successful sales org. This name implies your team has transcendent talent when it comes to converting those leads to customers. That demonstrates some next-level confidence.

38. Lead-Generation X

This one is a big of a niche pick that most people won't get. D-Generation X was a professional wrestling stable in the 90s. Unless you have a team full of old school WWE fans, your reps might not be too receptive to this one. Like if the picture below doesn‘t do anything for them, this name isn’t for you.

Image Source: Live About

39. Playing the Field

If you have a team of field sales reps, this one is pretty playful and straightforward.

40. Slaying the Field

This one is an extension of the previous one — it's slightly less playful and straightforward, but it definitely has some extra juice.

41. “MRRrr Matey, Deals Be on the Horizon!”

Pirate crews were pretty cohesive, efficient units. You can go with this one if teamwork is a major priority for you.

42. “SDRrr Matey, Demos Be on the Horizon!”

This one is the same as the previous one — but specific to teams of sales development representatives.

43. Opportunity Is Knocking

If you want to promote optimism and keep your team looking ahead, let them know there are good things to come with this name.

44. “Oh Hey, Opportunity. Thank You for Knocking Instead of Just Coming In. What's up?”

This is an extension of the one above, but it demonstrates that you‘re more familiar with opportunity — like you’re friends with it. Be cautious here though, this one might encourage your reps to get complacent. If they already know opportunity intimately, they might not be too motivated to seek it out.

45. Trust the (Sales) Process

This is a reference to the Philadelphia 76ers general management strategy in the mid-to-late 2010s where they deliberately lost games to get better draft picks. Be careful with this one. The Sixers are contenders now, but they were god awful for about five straight years.

46. The Win-nesota Win-berwolves

The Minnesota sports puns are the gift that keeps on giving — and the Timberwolves fold in perfectly.

47. The Win-ne-closed-a Winberwolves

Like I said — the gift that keeps on giving.

48. The Win-chester Mystery House

This is an allusion to the greater San Jose, California area's foremost tourist attraction — the very spooky Winchester Mystery House. Be careful here though, you don't want to scare your team too badly.

Image Source: SF Gate

49. Win-bad: Legend of the Seven Seas

So I just found out the film this one is named after — Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas — was one of the biggest box office failures of all time, so you might not want to roll with it. Still, it sounds pretty cool and encourages your team to keep its win rate top-of-mind. It could go either way. I'll leave it up to you.

50. The Seven Deadly Wins

This one just sounds hard — and it works particularly well if you have a team of seven. If you have fewer or more reps than that, it might not be as applicable.

51. Win-ter Is Coming

This is a reference to Game of Thrones' first episode. It's a solid tone setter — a sign of great things to come for a long time. Just bear in mind that the series didn't exactly “stick the landing” towards the end of its run.

52. The Win-dianapolas Colts

Remember all of those Minnesota sports puns? The same principle applies here.

53. The Win-dianapolas Close-ts

I get that this doesn‘t really roll off the tongue, but I’m still proud that I found a way to get more mileage out of the Indianapolis Colts motif.

54. Lake Win-nipesaukee

This is a reference to the largest lake in the state of New Hampshire. It's a tough one to pull off because unless you emphasize the “win” part every time, it seems like you literally just straight-up named your team after a lake.

55. The Closed-Won-der Years

Here, we have a clever sales pun that references an all-time great sitcom. It's another niche pick at this point — I know I just called The Wonder Years an “all-time great sitcom,” but I've literally never seen a single episode.

56. “I Closed-Won-der if You Know What It Means”

This is a play on the sample used in Kanye West's cult classic single "I Wonder" off his seminal 2007 album, Graduation. If you want your team to carry itself with Kanye confidence, try this name.

57. “Closed-Wonder the Bridge”

"And I don't ever want to feeeeeel like I did that day." This name is equal parts fun and devastating. If I had to guess, that‘s not the vibe you’re looking for — but if your team is full of Red Hot Chili Peppers fans, you can do well with this one.

58. “Phew, That Was a Close Call!” (but pronounced “cloze”)

This one is kind of a stretch — but sometimes, that‘s exactly what you’re looking for.

59. 48-Inch Con-Vertical

48 inches was Michael Jordan's vertical — the highest in NBA history. If you want your team to bring that kind of astounding, Air Jordan, GOAT energy to their day-to-days, this one is pretty solid.

60. The Sales Cyclists

I‘m going to be real, I’m not in love with this one. It's a little basic — and no disrespect to the cyclists reading this, but there are definitely other kinds of athletes who better capture the energy you want a sales team to bring.

61. The Cycle-opses

Now, this one is pretty cool. I wrote this one in reference to the X-Men character who fought for peace and equality between humans and mutants by shooting lasers out of his eyes. It could also apply to the giant one-eyed monsters who appeared in Homer's Odyssey — whichever one is more your speed.

62. The White Claw Hard Sell-tzers

This one is flat-out hip and topical. Hard seltzers have been all the rage for some time now. It's one of the more explicit, obvious references listed here — but it might be controversial. Incorporating an alcoholic beverage into your team name could come off as unprofessional. If that concerns you, you might want to go with something a little more buttoned-up and dignified, like “MRRrr Matey, deals be on the horizon!”

63. The Sellfire Club

Stranger Things is a huge deal right now — so this reference will definitely play in 2022. If you're reading this article a few years in the future, things might have cooled off in Hawkins, Indiana. Keep timing in mind with this one.

64. The Patty Sell-ts

Unlike Stranger Things, the patty melt is timeless. A Netflix series might not hold up as time goes on — but this brilliant fusion of a grilled cheese and a burger will always be delicious. If you're after an evergreen team name that will register with anyone with a refined palette, look no further.

65. Sell-bow Grease

This name is reserved for teams composed of absolute grinders. If your salespeople aren't willing to put in enough work to live up to this title, consider going with “The White Claw Hard Sell-tzers” instead.

Creative Sales Team Names

66. Setting Sale

I honestly have nothing for this one. I‘ve already written 65 of these things, and I have 34 more to go. I’m burning out on this — sue me.

67. You've Got Sale

I don't care what anyone says, the movie this one is named after, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, is spectacular. Fun fact, Dave Chappelle is in it, too — I bet you forgot about that. If you want your team to tug on your heartstrings but ultimately resolve all of its issues in the end, this name might be the way to go.

68. Chip 'n Sale: Rescue Rangers

I don't have Disney+, so I haven't actually seen Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers. In turn, I can‘t offer an educated assumption about how this name will inspire your team. From what I hear, it’s pretty solid — but don‘t quote me on that. If you go with this name, you’re doing it at your own risk. If your team isn‘t receptive to it, that’s not on me.

69. “You Trusted Me, and I Sale'd You.”

If you haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises, you probably shouldn't read this blurb. It contains some pretty major spoilers. If you have, you might remember the quote this name references.

Michael Caine, as Alfred, says "You trusted me, and I failed you," at Bruce Wayne‘s funeral — absolutely heart-wrenching. It’s a little heavy for most sales teams, but that kind of emotional weight might just get your team going.

70. Rhythm Superfoods Organic Sale Chips

Rhythm Superfoods is a prominent health food brand. This name is a reference to the organic kale chips they sell. It‘s one of the bigger stretches listed here and a pretty tough reference to catch. I probably wouldn’t go with it personally — but if you're really into kale chips, have at it.

71. “Linger on, Your Sale Blue Eyes”

"Pale Blue Eyes" is one of my favorite tracks from legendary rock band The Velvet Underground. If you haven‘t heard it, you should know it’s the perfect song for staring wistfully out of a train window while it's raining — so it might not be the perfect name to capture the essence of a high-energy, “go-getter” sales team.

72. The Sale-road Station

This one is just fundamentally sound. It's a back-to-basics, blue collar, meat-and-potatoes, absolute grinder of a sales team name.

73. “I'm Afraid to Fly, so I Take the Sale-road When Traveling.”

This takes the concept from the previous name and makes it significantly less sturdy. If your team likes the “Sale-road” concept but finds the number 72 option too intimidating, consider going with this one.

74. The Demo-lition Derby

Are you ready for five straight demo-related puns that will get any SDR team going? No? Well, too bad because they're coming in hot — starting with this absolutely electric, pedal-to-the-floor option right here.

75. The Demo-gorgons

Here, we have another Stranger Things reference Take a look at the “Sellfire Club” blurb for more insight on how this one will play out.

76. Demo-cracy in Action

Demo pun number three — consider going with this one if you and your SDRs love freedom and Rocky IV.

Image Source: IMDb

77. The Demo-cratic Process

This one is similar to the one above. It's a little less bold — but no less vital.

78. The Foundation of American Demo-cracy

This is the last demo pun on this list. The same principles from the two previous names apply — this one is just a little more elaborate.

79. “Happiness is Transient, Temporary, Meet-ing”

I‘ll be the first to tell you this one is probably the biggest stretch on this list. It’s supposed to sound like "Happiness is transient, temporary, fleeting" — only related to booking meetings. I'm well aware that no one will get it. Also, transient, temporary, and fleeting are all basically synonyms, so this one is kind of redundant.

80. The Win-nesota Twins

I had forgotten Minnesota had a baseball team earlier — but I just remembered. So the Minnesota sports puns are back, baby!

81. The Win-nesota Wins

Vince Lombardi once said, “Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” This name is as close to perfect as it gets — flat-out excellent.

82. The Win-ne-closed-a Wins

Yeah this one is a bit much. It's essentially a version of the last one that flew too close to the sun.

83. The SQL-ephants

This one‘s really cute, but "cute" generally isn’t the first word that comes to mind when someone says “sales.” Still, it's a fun one — and if your team brings “We all wear matching pajamas on Fridays” energy (which is a sign of exceptional synergy and cohesion), this one is appropriate.

84. The SQL-ves (like from the North Pole)

See number 83.

85. The SQL-ves (like from Lord of the Rings)

Now, this is an SQL-oriented reference that has some gumption. Think of it this way — Lord of the Rings-era, elf-version Orlando Bloom took initiative, slayed an Oliphaunt by shooting it with three arrows at the same time, and would probably thrive on a sales floor.

86. Churn? More like Turn(ing Prospects into Customers)!

Minimizing churn is a responsibility that‘s typically associated with customer service. However, a less-than-ideal churn rate can indicate some glaring flaws in your sales process — so sales should do what it can to bring in customers with appropriate needs and expectations. This name speaks to avoiding customer attrition while generating new business. That’s bound to fire your team up.

87. Churn? More like Earn(ing Lots of Money)!

Everything I just said about the previous name applies here, but this name is more about personal incentivization and motivation. Who doesn‘t want to earn lots of money? Literally no one in sales — that’s who.

88. Churn? More like Learn(ing Lots About Sales, Ourselves, and Friendship Together)!

Again, the previous blurbs apply to this one, but this name is more teamwork oriented. It‘s a great way to let everyone know you’re all in it together. Heck yeah! Go team!

89. The Pain (Point) Killers

You might think this one is controversial, but I want to clarify that this is a reference to Judas Priest's 1990 comeback record, Painkiller — an album with a cover featuring a chrome knight-angel riding a rocket-powered motorcycle that‘s also a dragon with saw-blades for wheels over a city that’s melting in lava.

Image Source: Metal Utopia

If that doesn't say, “Hey team, let's get out there and sell our butts off today!” I don't know what will.

90. Crank Up the Sales Volume!

This one is good for a “work hard, play hard” culture. On the surface, it says “we have fun,” but when you take a closer look at it, it‘s all about hard work. It’s like a reverse mullet — party in the front, business in the back.

91. The Quotarboats (Again)

91 names in, this one is still my favorite, so it gets two placements.

92. The Quota-rola Razrs

This one is no “Quotarboats” — but it's still a fun callback to the days of flip phones and ringtones of actual songs you could buy for a dollar. Simpler times.

93. The CR-MVPS

I‘m honestly surprised it took me 93 names to come up with this one. It’s kind of a layup.

94. Alien BANT Farm

Remember Alien Ant Farm? That early 2000s alternative band that covered Michael Jackson's “Smooth Criminal”? This one is their name, but it says “BANT” instead of “Ant.”

95. “I BANT Make You Love Me if You Don't.”

Want your team to cry and reflect on their experiences with unrequited love on a daily basis? No? Then you probably shouldn‘t go with this reference to Bonnie Rait’s 1991 tearjerker, "I Can't Make You Love Me."

96. The Pricing on the Cake

This is another relatively generic one. I definitely phoned it in here. I won't be mad if you breeze past it.

97. “The Sell-Tale Heart”

You probably read Edgar Allen Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart“ English class as a freshman in high school. This is a pretty lazy play on that. If I'm being real, it's way too morbid for a sales team name. But at name 97, I'm just grasping for references that I can plug the word ”sell" into — so here we are.

98. Fore-Cast Away

"I'm sorry, Wilson!" Tom Hanks' Cast Away is an incredible tale of resolve, resourcefulness, and survival against the odds — all elements your salespeople should strive to emulate. That makes this a pretty solid team name.

But also, when I Googled “Cast Away Wilson,” I found out that the actual sporting goods brand Wilson sells replicas of Tom Hanks' volleyball best friend from the movie for $21.95. So if you want a team with a readily available, tangible team mascot, Fore-Cast Away might be the way to go.

Image Source: Wilson

99. Churn? More like Burn(ing Money — But Like in a Good Way)!

We‘re almost there. Check out numbers 86 through 88 for more perspective on why this name works. I can’t offer any additional context. This has been exhausting. Seriously, I've literally written hundreds of articles for HubSpot, this one took the biggest toll on me — mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

100. Closing Time

We made it, and I‘m going to shamelessly pat myself on the back for this one — this is the perfect name to end on. Way to go, Jay ... Just kidding! We’re running 25 more!

101. “This time, it's persona-l.”

So I‘ll admit that I came into this update uninspired, and it took a minute to really get the juices flowing. This one is a stretch — sue me. You don’t know how much energy and sheer power of will it takes to add to this list. Consider this one a warmup.

102. The Process-ed Foods

Again, still warming up.

103. The Non-Process-ed Foods

See the previous two descriptions.

104. BANTz

Okay, we're kind of in a rhythm now — coming in hot with a reference to the 1998 animated feature, Antz. Remember that movie? It was like A Bug's Life but weirdly kind of violent. The voice cast was also pretty wild if you want to look it up. Anyway, this is its name but with BANT in it.

105. The Tiny BANTcers

Here, we have a reference to Elton John's 1972 classic, "Tiny Dancer" — so this name comes with a built-in banger of a theme song.

106. I BANT Believe It's Not Butter!

I‘ll be the first to admit that this one isn’t my best work. I don‘t even know if they still sell "I Can’t Believe It‘s Not Butter" anymore. I also never really got that name — like given advancements in food science, I could always believe that that stuff wasn’t butter.

107. The Convert-ibles

I can't believe I missed this one the first time I wrote this — it seems like a layup.

108. The Con-virgin Daiquiris

Now, this one took some finesse and might be too much of a stretch. I‘m honestly kind of torn on it. On one hand, virgin daiquiris are delicious — on the other, I don’t know if this one really holds up when it's not written.

109. The (Com)mission-Critical Team

This one might be a little too self-serving. You want to project confidence, not cockiness. If you're implying that your team is the mission-critical team in your sales org, you better bring the heat.

110. Stephen King's (Com)misery — Starring Kathy Bates

If the Con-virgin Daiquiris is a stretch, this is an entire yoga class. As I said, writing these names takes a lot out of you — and ten names in, I'm already feeling that.

111. Commission Accomplished

You probably shouldn‘t use this one honestly. If your team doesn’t reach your numbers and you base your entire team name on patting yourself on the back, you're going to look silly. Actually, on second thought, that could be the move. It would give you extra incentive to give it your all.

112. Sell on Earth

This one is either kind of morbid or just objectively obvious — like you‘re either referencing being miserable or just pointing out the planet that you’re selling on. Either way, I'm not in love with it.

113. “Give'Em Sell, Kid”

It's a little-known fact about sales management, but literally nothing gets your team going like a reference to a deep cut off of My Chemical Romance's debut album. Consider giving this one a shot.

114. The India Pale Sales

This one might inspire your team to dominate your vertical the way IPAs dominate literally every brewery on Earth nowadays.

115. The Ginger Sales

You can go with this one if “The India Pale Sales” isn‘t quite your team’s speed or your sales org doesn‘t want you going with an alcohol reference. That said, if the latter is the case, I’d recommend going with “The Con-virgin Daiquiris."

116. The Saleboats

I had to do a Command-F search of the first 100 names to make sure I hadn‘t done this one before. It honestly shocks me that I missed it the first time. This one’s pretty basic — but it sure would get the job done.

117. Funnel Business

This one is perfect for a team of silly geese.

118. No More Funnel Business

This one is perfect for a team of standard, non-silly geese.

119. “Come Sale Away”

Remember this song by Styx? It's a pretty solid jam to base your sales team name on — definitely gets the people going.

120. The Quotarboats (Once More)

This one is already on the list multiple times, but it's still my favorite, so it gets another placement. If you have a problem with that, go to a different “sales team names” list.

121. Sale Earnhardt

I‘m going to level with you — I would honestly be shocked if you are still reading these descriptions this far in. If you are, I want to use this one to let you know I appreciate you ... but also to tell you need to reevaluate every decision you’ve ever made that brought you to this point.

122. Sale Earnhardt Jr.

The previous one's son.

123. “The Sell-Sale Heart”

I remember the first time I wrote this list, I put “The Sell-Tale Heart” as a reference to the story by Edgar Allen Poe. Shortly after, I realized how much I whiffed on the opportunity to say both “sell” and “sale” in one name — luckily, I got a shot at redemption.

124. “Sell, sell, sell — what do we have here?”

I‘ll tell you what we have here — an end in sight. We’re almost done. Praise the Lord.

125. Closing Time (Again)

Okay, so the first 100 names ended on this one as well — mostly because it‘s the perfect ending. We’re not going to mess with a good thing.

And over 5,000 words later, we‘re done. If you actually read this entire list, I can’t thank you enough. Even if you hated all of the names, don‘t think I’m funny, and were weirdly reading the whole thing out of spite or something, I don't care — I still appreciate you.

Obviously, this list isn't exhaustive — you have plenty of greenspace to come up with your own sales team name. My hope is that this list will inspire you to think big, be bold, and land on the name that will help your team lock in on a day-to-day basis.

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The Weekly 5-Minute Read to Help You Crush Quota 


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