Watch and Close: 6 Videos That Show How to Close a Sales Deal

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Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner



It's one thing to read an article on how to close a sales deal -- prepare the buyer this way, focus on these types of results, present the contract at this point, and so on. But it's another thing entirely to actually watch someone explain how to or actually close a deal. How are they uttering the key phrases? What are their mannerisms like? What are they portraying through their gestures and body language?

Every salesperson wants to hone their closing skills, and in case you lean towards a visual learning style, we've compiled eight videos that can help you do just that. Through watching the speakers, you can pick up the speech styles, tones, and movements that fall between the lines of a written article. 

1) Closing the Sale: 9 Common Objections

Why don't prospects buy? Because they have objections. In this video, Sales Trainer Brian Tracy explains how to neutralize common concerns so they don't block the way to a signed deal. Salespeople can also learn from Tracy's relaxed and calming demeanor and way of speaking (the total opposite of Jordan Belfort).

2) Closing the Sale -- The Definitive Answers You Won't Like

Sales Maintenance Department here! Jeffrey Gitomer, decked out in his sales technician garb, lets salespeople in on a little secret in this video. "Whenever I do a seminar everyone wants to know the fastest, easiest, and best way to close a sale," he says. "The reality is there is no fast way, no easy way, and no best way. However there is a better way than thinking of it as closing the sale." According to Gitomer, it's not about the close at all -- it's about the open. Learn how a stronger open can help you complete more deals.

3) The New Rules of Closing Sales Profitably

"Always Be Closing" didn't make the cut on this list, provided by Colleen Francis, founder of Engage Selling Solutions. In fact, her first rule is the total opposite: "You Can't Sell to Everyone." Francis argues that giving prospects abundant chances to halt the deal and exit the process actually helps salespeople close more often. Check out this quick five minute video to find out why this works, and discover three more handy closing rules. 

4) Five Reasons Clients Don't Buy

If salespeople can eliminate prospects' buying process problems, it's much more likely that they will buy. This video walks viewers through the five most common reasons deals are lost, so salespeople can examine their processes and find out which is tripping them up the most. Bonus: If you have a question after watching the video, write a comment. The video's star, Victor Antonio, diligently follows up on each comment the video receives. 

5) How to Close a Sale: The Only Thing You Need To Know

No, it's not a line you should say to your buyer or a selling process tip. In this video, Jill Konrath explains how a simple adjustment to a salesperson's mindset can make all the difference between success and failure. Spend the minute and a half to check it out -- her recommendation might surprise you.

6) The Best Closing Technique There Is

But even with the right attitude in place, salespeople still need a line to roll out at the end of an engagement. What are the actual words they should use to bring a deal to the closing stage? David Shirey, sales coach, shares a simple question that subtly encourages prospects to say "yes" without overtly pressuring them. 

Do you have a favorite sales closing video? Share it in the comments.

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