The 35 Signs of a True Salesperson

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Tony Hughes
Tony Hughes


Hustlers make the calls.

Signs of a True Salesperson

Hustlers aren't in the back learning growth hacking.

Hustlers aren't batching and blasting emails with just a first name change.

Hustlers love to get punched in the face, love the sting of rejection.

Hustlers yell, "Show me the money!"

Hustlers aren't bummed out when they get rejected.

Hustlers are hungry for more.

Hustlers do whatever it takes to be successful, even if that's working a six-day week.

Hustlers show up in the neighborhood and work with the executive assistant (AE) to land the meeting.

Hustlers use caffeinated soap and stay alert 24/7.

Hustlers have the Challenger DNA and won't hesitate to respectfully push back with anyone on any subject.

Hustlers chip away at the C-Level.

Hustlers don't take down the sale single-threaded -- they bring every possible stakeholder to the dance to grow the deal and achieve consensus at every level

Hustlers are persistent, following up until the "no."

Hustlers become SVPs and CEOs by ferreting out the CEO of the problem.

Hustlers fire, tenacity and grit becomes effortless mastery.

Hustlers don't need to close and they don't NEED your business.

Hustlers do seven-figure deals when they say you must pilot in Enterprise SaaS.

Hustlers tap their own CEO, their VC, and/or their board to help them accelerate the deal. 

Hustlers humbly read everything they can get their hands on, but they actually apply it and make it their own.

Hustlers don't trounce their competitors: They focus on selling a complex solution.

Hustlers optimize the pay plan ... any pay plan.

Hustlers have a can-do attitude and love the challenge when you tell them it can't be done.

Hustlers are restless; they never sleep. 

Hustlers are one in a 1,000, and they know who they are. 

Hustlers have a bias toward action and only need a pad, a pen, and a phone to make it rain.

Hustlers win just as much now as they did in 1980s hardware.

Hustlers are masters of reverse psychology and persuasion, architects of intrinsic and extrinsic value.

Hustlers tell the unvarnished truth, even risking the sale, because trust is more important in the long term. 

Hustlers love what they do and have faith in the outcome. This is known as pronoia, or the belief that "the universe is plotting to do me good." 

Hustlers always get promoted by making the others around them shine.

Hustlers conduct the symphony. Why play a single instrument when you can orchestrate a coup from within, and make your customer into a hero? 

Hustlers are Jerry Maguire spiked with Cuba Gooding Jr. with some Florence Griffith Joyner sprinkled on top. They win the deal at "hello."

Hustlers are certain of their win, and by virtue of that confidence, win more.

Hustlers laugh all the way to the bank.

Any questions?

You can listen to me and Noah Goldman "everyone's-a-hustling" here.

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