13 Sales Stats That Unveil What's Influencing Purchase Decisions [Infographic]

Anum Hussain
Anum Hussain



top-10-factors-influencing-purchasing-decisionsThere's a lot of talk around the changing sales landscape. But this evolution is driven by one important factor: the customer.

The way people buy products or services has dramatically changed over the years. Fortunately, the folks at BigCommerce analyzed a range of ecommerce sites to give us a broader understanding of what people value when shopping online. While these findings may be specific to online ecommerce shops, we believe there's some valuables lessons here for everyone in sales.

Check out the full infographic, or scan (and share!) the stats below. 


13 Sales Stats That Unveil What's Influencing Purchasing Decisions

  1. The top factor driving purchasing decision (56%) is product quality. (Tweet This Stat!)
  2. The most important store features driving purchasing decision (80%) is competitive pricing. (Tweet This Stat!)
  3. 62% of shoppers research big-ticket items in-store before buying online. (Tweet This Stat!)
  4. 9 out of 10 users say they watch videos about the tech products they may buy. (Tweet This Stat!)
  5. The most shopped for item on smartphones is electronics (64%). (Tweet This Stat!)
  6. 54% of shoppers are smartphone owners. (Tweet This Stat!)
  7. 76% of those who own smartphones use them while shopping. (Tweet This Stat!)
  8. 50% of consumers use smartphones while shopping to check prices, promotions, product reviews, or product information. (Tweet This Stat!)
  9. 81% say posts from their friends directly influenced their purchasing decision. (Tweet This Stat!)
  10. 30% are most likely to respond to brand offers when they have been reposted by a friend. (Tweet This Stat!)
  11. 38% of moms are more likely than other women to purchase from brands they "Like" on Facebook. (Tweet This Stat!)
  12. 44% of people are most likely to engaged with branded content that contains pictures. (Tweet This Stat!)
  13. 40% of people are most likely to engage with branded content that contains videos. (Tweet This Stat!)

How do these statistics influence your selling strategy?

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