The Email Templates That Helped Close $100,000 Deals [36 Templates Included]

Rachel MacDonald
Rachel MacDonald




This morning I opened my email and saw the following:

Dear sir,

For only $500 I can help your company grow. Please respond immediately for more information.


Not only did they get my gender wrong, but there is no obvious value in this email. They didn’t tell me how they can help my company grow, they just told me how much it would cost.

Instead, the email should’ve look something like this:

Hi Rachel,

I’ve noticed [name of my company] has been trying to achieve [specific goal]. I can help you with this by [value proposition].

I’d love to discuss how I can help you with [specific goal]. Let me know the best times and days for you.

Of course with phone calls, meetings, and all of the other day-to-day tasks on sales reps' plates, it can be difficult to write personalized, valuable emails every time.

But we don’t have to choose between spending hours on email or sacrificing personalization and value. With the right email templates and a CRM that allows us to insert personalization tokens, like HubSpot’s CRM, we can minimize our time spend while still sending quality emails.

And we did the legwork on templates for your convenience. We talked with entrepreneurs, sales reps, and email hustlers to figure out what email templates work best. From these conversations, we compiled 36 sales email templates, each providing value and personalization.

Try these 36 sales templates that have helped CEOs and sales reps alike get in touch with decision makers and close $100,000 deals.

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