The Simple Omission That Drives Buyers Away From Your Website [New Data]

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




Company websites are carefully designed to draw buyers in. Wouldn't it be frustrating to find out your website was actively driving prospects away instead?

According to new research from Huff Industrial Marketing, KoMarketing, and BuyerZone, this happens more often than you'd think, and for an easily remedied reason. 

"When asked what causes them to leave a vendor website, 44% of [survey] respondents indicated 'No Contact Information or Phone Number,'" Derek Edmond, managing partner of KoMarketing wrote in a blog post. "More than half -- 54% -- indicated that the lack of thorough contact information reduced a vendor’s a credibility."

But a website that lacks a phone number or other contact information must be the exception to the rule, right? After all, companies want to encourage prospects to get in touch as much as possible.

Surprisingly, this research showed the exact opposite. "Thorough contact information" topped the list of content assets respondents felt were most lacking on vendor websites, followed by client list and research reports.   

Sales leaders, take a minute to peruse your company's website from a buyer's perspective. Is your company's contact information clearly and prominently displayed? If not, schedule a meeting with Marketing ASAP. "Don't call us -- we'll call you" isn't exactly a money-making strategy. 

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