Three Easy ChatGPT Hacks To Up Your Productivity

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Bailey Maybray
Bailey Maybray



With the rise of AI generative tools, workers fear their job will get automated and replaced. But rather than worry, you can take advantage of tools — such as ChatGPT — to supercharge your productivity.

A robot thinks in the middle.

Not sure how to use ChatGPT in your role? Google data scientist and YouTuber Sundas Khalid dished on five hacks you can use to free up time as a business owner and manager. From speeding up performance reviews to automating Excel functions, ChatGPT can be a great tool for busy entrepreneurs.

To check out all five hacks, watch Khalid’s video — featuring two additional tricks on automating data visualization and research. Khalid is one of several creators in the HubSpot YouTube Network, a video destination to help viewers learn and grow their businesses.

1. Summarize meeting notes

Instead of piecing together your notes after every meeting — from presentations to potential investors to chats with suppliers — use ChatGPT to summarize them for you.

For example, say you finished a meeting and have a list of notes. You can insert the following into ChatGPT to get an easy-to-use email or summary, whether you use proper grammar or not:

“Summarize meeting notes in an email with next steps from below notes between data scientist and product manager

Why occupancy might be increasing?

- External events
- Seasonal shift
- Post covid
- More available room
- Increase in higher occupancy rentals
- Increase in lower occupancy rentals
- Increase is driven by certain regions


- Fix in bug
- Easier to become a host
- Decrease in booking price
- Reduction in fees”

ChatGPT will then output a grammatically correct, ready-to-use summary you can copy and paste for reference.

2. Write performance reviews

Performance reviews can be time-consuming — especially if you have to cobble together bulleted notes on achievements and hurdles into concise, helpful feedback for multiple employees. 

You can ask ChatGPT to write a performance review by providing it with a few data points to use. For example, consider using the following as a potential input into ChatGPT:

“Write an annual performance review on based on below project:

  1. Improved customer retention by 2% using multiple linear regression and strong communication with product management
  2. Led two major data science projects in cross-collaboration, driving $5m revenue
  3. Mentored junior data scientists, onboarding two new hires, and mentored 2 mentees on promotion”

Even if you lack specific data points, ChatGPT can put you in the right direction. You can input more general notes, such as the following:

“Write a performance review summary on John. His strengths are ambiguity and ownership. His weakness is attention to details. Include specific examples”

ChatGPT will fill in the blanks with hypothetical examples, which you can then replace with real ones.

3. Write, debug, and document your code

ChatGPT can speed up the process of coding — it can output coding for you to copy and paste into systems such as GitHub within minutes. You can ask ChatGPT to:

  • Write new code (e.g., “Write a plug-in for WordPress that lets users input their names into a text box”)
  • Debug code (e.g., “Please fix the following code, which has returned seven runtime errors”)
  • Document code (e.g., “Please add documentation to the following code”)

If you want to leverage ChatGPT to help your coding, remember to use clear, direct language. Once it outputs an initial set of codes, you can continue optimizing it with ChatGPT. Khalid also has a video explaining how you can learn how to use Python fast using ChatGPT.

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