The Top 5 Office Productivity Killers (& Three Tactics to Beat Them) [Infographic]


What distracts you?

For me, it’s the news stories my coworkers post in our Slack channel. Or an email about free food in the office. Or suddenly remembering that I forgot to do something on my to-do list. Or seeing I have a new Snapchat.

Yeah … it’s a lot of things. But I’m not alone: As reported by the National Business Research Institute, the top five office productivity killers are cell phones, the internet, gossip, social media, and email. And 85% of employers report needing to increase productivity.

Working more won’t help -- as soon as we hit 50 hours a week, output starts to decline, yet 40% of people report working more. But all hope isn’t lost. The infographic below from ResourcefulManager outlines common distractions and productivity tips for doing more in less time.


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