15 Types of Problem Clients and How to Handle Them

Emma Brudner
Emma Brudner




If you're a salesperson who doesn't like people, you're in the wrong profession. Sales is and always has been about helping people achieve their professional and personal goals. And since each prospect is unique, reps need to be passionate about customizing their offerings to the client's particular needs. 

Of course, there are always one or two customers who nothing seems to please. Or who just can't really decide what they want. Or who don't respond for weeks, only to suddenly resurface with a drop-everything-and-do-this-right-now demand. No matter how much of a people person a rep is, there's bound to be a few customers who test their limits and tug at the corners of their smile. 

Just like salespeople should always tailor their approach to their prospect, they should also handle problem clients according to their unique needs and quirks. In this infographic, Ciplex has identified 15 types of challenging customers, and provided suggestions on how to handle each one. So the next time you hear a Mr. "I Assumed This Was Included" lamenting a feature he's not getting or receive five urgent emails in a row from a Ms. "Everything's an Emergency," you'll be prepared to deal with the situation effectively and still keep your cool. 


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