Want Happier Employees? Focus on These 3 Things [Infographic]

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Lindsay Kolowich Cox
Lindsay Kolowich Cox



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The smartest leaders in today's workforce want to develop and maintain company cultures that attract and retain employees who are happy at work.

Being happy at work isn't just good for the employees. It's good for the company, too. After all, a study of 250,000 people found that happy employees tend to be healthier, more productive, have more energy, and maintain better relationships -- with you, with their customers, and with each other.

But cultivating a workplace of happy employees is easier said than done. You can't just slip in a flexible vacation policy and expect that to suddenly make your employees happy.

Studies show that the three things that make people happiest at work are autonomy, purpose, and mastery. That means allowing employees to manage their own time and projects, ensuring they feel the positive impact they're making on others with their work, and investing in their continuous professional development. Check out the infographic below from Lynda.com to learn more about what makes employees happy at work.

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