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Just about every modern sales team is thinking about commissions. The U.S. alone spends $800 billion in commissions to salespeople annually and, for many teams, the process around figuring out who earned what in a given period remains highly manual and error-prone. 

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Historically, compensation planning has been relegated to an Excel file, particularly for businesses without the budget for prohibitively priced enterprise software. This leaves stakeholders across operations, finance, and sales without a scalable, automated solution and causes frustration among reps when their paychecks don’t match expectations due to mismatched spreadsheets. 

HubSpot’s own product team spends a great deal of its time solving for the pain points of sales reps and managers, looking for ways to remove friction from their day and alleviate the many distractions they can encounter. 

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We believe there is a massive opportunity to rewrite the playbook for sales compensation, and we are thrilled to be backing the QuotaPath team as they solve this challenge head-on. 

Founders AJ Bruno and Cole Evetts started QuotaPath on the belief that sales performance is intensely results-driven, but successful sales cultures, quota attainment, and revenue growth are stifled by manual processes and tools. They saw many of these challenges in their 25+ years combined experience in front office and back office sales leadership.

QuotaPath’s product is a commission tracking and compensation management solution for revenue teams. Comp plans are inputted in minutes using the simple builder flow—once the CRM is integrated, the output is a dashboard that has multiple views for each user from sales leadership to finance departments. Individuals, managers, and organizations use their software to bring transparency and ease of use to commission, earnings, and attainment tracking.

They surface insights to empower teams to not only close deals faster, but also create a more aligned sales culture. By making sure every salesperson understands exactly what they will and could potentially make, organizations can use compensation as a real incentive and driver of performance. 

Visibility is a core tenet of QuotaPath’s value proposition, and we believe the product is well-suited to address the needs of companies adapting to an increase in remote, decentralized sales teams and provide much-needed clarity to stakeholders across any sales-driven organizations. 

QuotaPath's sales compensation software dashboard backed by HubSpot Ventures

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Our mission at HubSpot is to help millions grow better. We believe that organizations win when they align their success with the success of their customers. For sales teams, the CRM is the center of every customer interaction. QuotaPath helps by bringing a part of the CRM that doesn’t exist today—there’s no real way to calculate earnings and commissions off of CRM data. 

The Ventures team loves spending time with founders and partners building in categories that provide unique value beyond our own core products—and do so in a way that centers a differentiated customer experience. QuotaPath is doing just that and has built a team that is up for the challenge of building an enduring and successful business.

AJ Bruno, Cole Evetts, and Eric Heydenberk are each talented operators with a passion for this space, having encountered the very problem they’re solving at their previous business, and HubSpot Ventures is honored to be partnering with them in their next phase of growth. 

Learn more about QuotaPath here. Learn more about HubSpot Ventures here

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