Camille Nicita

Having joined in the launch of Gongos Research in 1991, Camille’s forward-leaning posture is establishing a new north for the company. Camille understands what it takes for Fortune 100 companies to make business decisions on behalf of consumers. She believes operationalizing customer centricity as a strategy for growth and building strong cultural buy-in has a harmonizing effect on stakeholders. Beyond driving behaviors through impactful communication, knowledge activation, and change management initiatives, she maintains that adopting an ‘outside-in’ approach to humanizing consumers is essential in a world where data is trying to win. Staying true to the company’s core competencies while nurturing growth, she operates under the belief that people realize their true potential when put in the right seats. Prior to the death of the company's founder in 2012, Camille was appointed CEO.

Mais de Camille Nicita

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