In a recent survey by HubSpot Research, we found that growing companies are nearly twice as likely to prioritize customer success as stagnating companies.

And your customers' success starts with your customer service organization -- and the happiness and empowerment of those employees.

Despite the importance of customer success for the growth of the entire business, more than half of the customer service reps we surveyed don't plan to pursue a career in customer service. We found there were a few reasons for this attrition, such as employees feeling disempowered, a lack of clarity on career growth, and feeling generally undervalued within the business at large.

According to new research by Calabrio, another reason for customer service rep attrition is the challenging nature of the role. In a recent survey, Calabrio found that 56% of customer service reps found that dealing with complex issues was the most challenging aspect of their jobs, and 60% said they didn't have the right tools or technology to handle those problems.

Learn more about the challenges facing customer service reps in the infographic from Adweek below. (And if your team is looking for better technological solutions to improve customer service workflows, you can learn more about HubSpot's customer feedback and knowledge base tools.)


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Originally published Mar 21, 2018 8:00:00 AM, updated March 20 2018


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