Over the course of an average day, you might hop on a phone call with a ton of different customers.

But whether it's your first call of the day or your 20th, it's important that you're on your game when you're chatting with them. If you're troubleshooting, communicating an outage, or talking out big-picture strategy, they'll want your undivided attention -- not to mention your best ideas.

Customers can tell when your heart isn't in a conversation, and we get it -- sometimes you're tired or having a bad day, and you can't give your all. But there are a few specific behaviors you can focus on to make sure your customer feels valued and heard.

Onward produced this infographic with a rundown of how to have more meaningful conversations. These tips don't just apply to customer conversations, but they're worthwhile to remember to make your exchanges more impactful -- and helpful -- for your customers.

How to Have Meaningful Conversations With Your Customers


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Originally published Nov 23, 2017 8:00:00 AM, updated November 27 2017


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