11 Findings Service Teams Need To Know About From Our State of Consumer Trends Report

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HubSpot’s State of Consumer Trends Report surveyed 1000+ consumers to get insight into their behaviors and preferences that affect businesses.

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The survey asked about customer service and consumers’ opinions on the channels they prefer to use and how they want to get customer service. We’ll discuss this insight below.

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11 Stats Service Teams Need to Know

1. Using social media DMs for customer service is one of the top trends marketers are currently leveraging.

2. Effective marketers are 22% more likely to use social media DMs for customer service than ineffective marketers.

3. Marketers report that the Instagram strategy with the second highest ROI is using the app for customer service.

4. Consumers preferred channels for getting customer service are phone calls, going to a physical store, and using email.

graphic displaying consumers preferred channels for getting customer service

5. 67% of consumers surveyed say they most often use phone calls to get customer service. Consumers also often use chatbots and in-person customer service.

6. When looking up questions on search engines, consumers most often use a mobile device, indicating the importance of offering omnichannel customer support.

bar graph displaying the devices consumers most often use to look up questions

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7. Gen Z’s preferred methods for getting customer service are phone calls, emails, and live chat/chatbots.

8. Millennials prefer to get customer service through email and phone calls. Their least preferred channel is text message (SMS).

9. Millennials get the most use out of social media as a customer service channel.

10. 46% of Gen Xers prefer to get customer service by phone, followed by email (40%).

11. Boomers prefer to get customer service over the phone, followed by email and in-person customer service.

Dive Deeper into Consumer Trends

In this post we gathered customer service highlights from our State of Consumer Trends Survey. To learn more about consumer preferences and behavior, click below to download the full State of Consumer Trends Report.

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