As an SMB, you probably know that it's important to analyze customer feedback. However, collecting that feedback can often be a lot easier said than done. There are many ways to obtain customer feedback and each approach has its own strengths and weaknesses.

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In-person interviews give you in-depth, meaningful data about specific participants, but it's extremely time-consuming and costly. Observation is relatively free and can produce more accurate results about customer behavior, but lacks the Q&A format that other methods provide.

Surveys are one of the best research methods because they provide actionable insights into your customer base at a relatively low cost. In fact, many online survey makers offer basic accounts that let you create and distribute surveys for free. They're also much more time-efficient since researchers don't have to speak with customers directly and can refocus on other tasks while awaiting survey results.

While it's efficient to distribute a survey, creating one can be more tedious. After all, coming up with effective survey questions, putting them in the right order, and giving the survey a custom design can take a lot of time. You can solve this by using a survey template that fits your research and streamlines the creation process.

In this post, let's review the best survey templates you can use to gather customer feedback at your business.

(Note: We created templates 11-14 — there are editable, PDF versions of those templates that you can download and customize!)

14 Best Survey Templates

1. Customer Satisfaction Survey


Source: SurveyMonkey

This SurveyMonkey template is short and sweet with 10 questions, which is a great length to use when trying to measure customer satisfaction. This template includes some excellent questions that cover product quality, purchase value, quality of customer service, and future purchasing decisions. It also includes an open-ended question at the end that allows customers to fill in additional questions, comments, or concerns.

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2. Customer Feedback Form


Source: Typeform

What's great about Typeform is that it only asks one question at a time, which keeps customers focused and prevents them from skipping questions. Additionally, this template is cool because it lets you use icons or emojis for answers instead of text. This makes the survey look even nicer and it also makes it easier to answer each question.

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3. Customer Satisfaction Form


Source: SurveyPlanet

SurveyPlanet is another template that reveals one question at a time to eliminate distraction. It's unique because it tailors questions based on whether the customer shopped online or in-store. Both shopping methods induce a series of statements that can be answered using a Likert scale, like in the image above. These types of questions are beneficial for garnering a lot of feedback on narrow or specific topics.

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4. Service Satisfaction Survey


Source: Zoho Survey

This Zoho template is geared towards feedback for customer service teams. With this matrix, you can gain insights about your service team such as its friendliness, professionalism, reliability, and convenience. Additionally, you can learn how the customer heard about your services, how satisfactory their experience was, and whether or not they'd recommend your business to others.

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5. Business to Business Survey


Source: SurveyMonkey

This SurveyMonkey template is great for B2B companies whose customers are more in tune with business language and culture. With just five questions, this survey is perfect for clients who don't have the time to fill out lengthy surveys. This template will also give you important insights into your account team's performance and what the retention rate is at your business.

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6. Retail Customer Feedback


Source: SurveyLegend

To personalize a survey to your brand, SurveyLegend's templates offer space for your company logo, product pictures, and more. This survey is tailored for retail business as it assesses a variety of retail topics, from product inventory to seasonal discounts to employee services. This is great for SMBs that want to get quick feedback on specific areas of their business.

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7. Product Satisfaction Survey


Source: Zoho Survey

This Zoho template measures customer satisfaction with your products. Its questions are brief and straight-forward, preventing miscommunication and inaccurate data. In this template, questions pertain to first impressions of the product, overall product use, product quality, and the likelihood of a recommendation.

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8. Post-Event Feedback


Source: Typeform

Similar to the last Typeform template, this one involves a lot of fun and engaging icons that replace otherwise bland text. This post-event survey collects valuable information about how participants felt about the event, how they discovered it, and the sponsors they interacted with during it. It even includes a range of demographic questions that you can use to further define your target audience.

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9. Product Feedback Form


Source: SurveyLegend

This is another template that focuses on product feedback. However, with SurveyLegend, it asks questions regarding price fairness, competitors' products, changes customers would like to see, and overall satisfaction. It also ends by leaving an option for participants to leave their email if they'd like to stay informed about the product, which is a great way to develop a stronger relationship with customers.

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10. Customer Service Feedback


Source: SurveyMonkey

This is another survey template that gathers feedback on a customer service team. As with all SurveyMonkey templates, it's very short asking only five questions. This survey asks customers to list their satisfaction with the service team, how well their issues were understood, and how long it took to speak with an agent. This information is significantly important when making notable changes and improvements to your customer service team.

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Lastly, here are a few more options by HubSpot for reference and inspiration, related to customer satisfaction.

11. Customer Satisfaction Survey Template 

free editable Customer Satisfaction survey template

Download a free, editable survey template.

12. Customer Effort Score Survey Template

free editable Customer Effort Score survey template

Download a free, editable survey template.

13. Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey Template

free editable Net Promoter Score survey template

Download a free, editable survey template.

14. Open-Ended Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Open-End editable customer feedback survey Questions Template

Download a free, editable survey template.

Now that you've created an effective survey, learn how to analyze survey results.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in September, 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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