Top AI Tools to Streamline Your Customer Service Tasks

Olivia Deng


Whether it's streamlining customer interactions, solving technical issues, or managing important tasks, having the right service tools at our disposal can make all the difference.

While providing great service is the obvious goal — AI tools can also help us boost productivity, improve internal communication, and streamline monotonous tasks that are still crucial to our day-to-day work.

From live chat support systems to robust ticketing platforms, I'll show you a diverse range of tools that empower you to exceed customer expectations. 

Learn more about why HubSpot's CRM platform has all the tools you need to grow  better.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM

Get started with HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM offers a universal inbox that enables you to manage all customer communication from a single dashboard. This centralizes every customer interaction and provides your entire team with a comprehensive view. 

Within the CRM, I can assign, view, and respond to conversations from any channel, while accessing contact records to understand the context and provide effective support. AI tools like ChatSpot are baked into the CRM to help me further in further streamlining, searching or message-writing.

By using productivity tools and reports, I can optimize my customer service processes, improve response times, and track customer issues in one place. The CRM integration also collects all the necessary customer details and conversation histories, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Pricing: Free version available. Starter at $20/month.

Help Scout

Help Scout


Help Scout aims to streamline customer service communication and workflows with features like email inboxes, live chat, and help centers all integrated into a single view. 

While Help Scout'sAI summarize feature generates high-level summaries of customer conversations with one click, AI assist helps team members refine their responses.

Pricing: Standard at $20 per user per month, Plus at $40 per user per month, and Pro at $65 per user per month.




Freshbots, powered by Freddy Self Service, automates self-service across multiple channels, allowing customers to find answers wherever they are. 

Meanwhile, Freshbots' Freddy Copilot feature provides a centralized view of customer interactions, with suggested responses, recommended actions, and summarized events – enabling you to deliver personalized service on the fly.

Freddy's platform also features advanced ticketing and monitoring across teams, allowing cross-collaboration. With these features, I can easily reach out to colleagues to swiftly resolve customer issues, track accountability, and keep all information in one place. 

Lastly, Freddy Insights, powered by generative AI, proactively analyzes performance data to offer productivity optimizations, identify potential issues, and recommend remediation actions, helping you make smart decisions faster.

Pricing: Growth at $29 per agent per month, Pro at $69 per agent per month, and Enterprise at $109 per agent per month.




Tidio is a customer service software that combines live chat, chatbots, and email marketing. The platform lets you customize interactions, collect leads, and guide customers through the checkout process.

Tidio's AI capabilities include a Visitor List, which tracks and displays real-time website visitor information, as well as AI-powered analytics that provide insights into customer behavior. 

Pricing: Free version available. Starter at $29 per month, Communicator at $25 per month, and Chatbots at $29 per month.




Say I'm really busy on a critical call with a customer, but our service chat is blowing up. I don't want to hang up during a customer's critical call, and I also don't want a backlog of unanswered messages to grow. What should I do?

Talkdesk Virtual Agent, powered by conversational AI, enables your company to chat with customers via bot across voice and digital chat channels. Using technology like Natural Language Understanding (NLU), it offers multiple language support and delivers immediate answers to customer queries, preventing missed chats or abandoned calls.

With Talkdesk Studio, you can create intelligent IVR (interactive voice response) flows. The customizable conversational flows of the Virtual Agent can be easily designed using a user-friendly, no-code, drag-and-drop tool.

Pricing: CX Cloud Essentials at $75 per user per month, CX Cloud Elevate at $95 per user per month, CX Cloud Elite at $125 per user per month, and custom pricing available for Experience Clouds.

Get Started With AI in Customer Service

From chatbots that provide instant support and personalized experiences to analytics that uncover valuable insights, AI-powered tools enable us to deliver exceptional customer service.

Now that you've learned about the tools accessible to you, dig deeper into  HubSpot CRM to learn if our tools are right for you. 

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