51 Affirmations for Motivation

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Bailey Maybray
Bailey Maybray


Motivation doesn’t always come easy. One day, you feel determined, zoom through work, and finish feeling fulfilled. But the day after, your motivation vanishes, leaving you paralyzed and unproductive.

Affirmations for motivation: A man holds a carrot on a stick.

Luckily, you can break this cycle. By incorporating affirmations for motivation into your day-to-day life, you can sustain high energy levels, stay productive, and progress toward your goals.

Table of contents:

What are affirmations?

Affirmations, also known as self-affirmations, value affirmations, and positive affirmations, are statements made repeatedly meant to positively influence your behavior and thoughts. By saying affirmations regularly, you reinforce a positive self-image and internal dialogue.

When tailored correctly, affirmations produce a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased confidence
  • Improved outlook on your personal and professional life
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased motivation

The following are examples of affirmations, though you want to adopt an affirmation relevant to yourself and your goals:

  • “I am confident.”
  • “I am loved.”
  • “I am strong.”

Affirmations can be used in all aspects of your life. You can use them to improve your self-image and self-confidence. You can also use them to motivate yourself to achieve business goals. In general, positive affirmations can effectively improve your overall well-being.

How to make affirmations

Taking a generic affirmation will only discourage you, as it invites comparing yourself to others. While examples can help guide you in the right direction, take time to tailor and create an affirmation that speaks to you. The following list outlines the steps to create a unique and compelling affirmation:

1. Start the phrase with “I am”

The majority of affirmations start with “I am,” though some use different verbs (e.g., “I can”). It not only grounds you in the present, but also makes the affirmation directly relate to you.

2. Turn away from the past

Affirmations should not look to the past, but to the present and future. A strong affirmation focuses on your present qualities and how they translate into the future version of yourself. Avoid starting affirmations with expressions like “I have” or “I was.”

3. Identify your goals

Your affirmations can target different parts of your life. You could create one focused on running a business and being an entrepreneur. You could also create another about your family and friends. Regardless, keep each affirmation attached to one specific goal. You can write as many as you want, but make each one focused.

4. Start saying them every day

Once you have a list of affirmations, start saying them regularly. You could start your day with positive affirmations, or say them as you lie down to sleep. They act as self-defense tools against feelings of doubt and insecurities, so say them whenever it feels right — as long as you make it a habit.

5. Say them with intention

When saying your affirmations, you want to say them like you mean it. Try:

  • Saying and repeating them with confidence and conviction
  • Visualizing your desired outcome
  • Writing them down
  • Setting time aside to say them every day

6. Incorporate visualizations

Visualizations can help reinforce positive imagery, especially when visualizing your desired outcome. You can create a visual by:

  • Creating a vision board
  • Picturing the desired outcome in your head
  • Using an abstract symbol as representative of your goal

7. Stick with a routine

It takes time for positive affirmations to influence your behavior and attitude. You may not notice major changes at first. But you should stick with it for a few weeks, as your brain needs time to soak up positive affirmations. Setting a specific time to say affirmations can help you stick with it.

Positive Affirmations for Motivation

Remember to use the steps above to create a positive affirmation. The following examples can be used or changed to fit your goals. They speak to increasing motivation in your personal life, whether that means improving your confidence, feeling content with yourself, and increasing self-confidence.

  1. I am worthy of love and support
  2. I am grateful for my journey
  3. I am proud of the person I am and will become
  4. I am strong enough to tackle any challenge
  5. I am in control of myself and my thoughts
  6. I am motivated to achieve my goals
  7. I am open to receiving support from others
  8. I am able to learn any skill I want to absorb
  9. I am deserving of happiness in my life
  10. I am grateful for my unique skills and talents
  11. I am excited for what the future holds
  12. I attract like-minded people to help lift me up
  13. I am able to create the life of my dreams
  14. I trust everything happens for a reason
  15. I am living a purposeful and fulfilling life
  16. I am in control of my life’s journey
  17. I am confident and able to express myself
  18. I am open to receiving feedback
  19. I am an inspiration to others
  20. I am thankful for my health and happiness
  21. I am capable of creating
  22. I am able to go outside of my comfort zone
  23. I am responsible for my own happiness
  24. I am capable of growing and evolving to become the best version of myself
  25. I am at peace with where I am in life

Affirmations for Motivation and Success

Positive affirmations act as powerful motivators for success. You can create a phrase that speaks to your financial goals, such as feeling comfortable with finances or growing a business. The following examples can be used or adopted to fit your goals.

  1. I am capable of achieving my goals
  2. I am able to weather any storm
  3. I am deserving of financial stability and success
  4. I can build my business from the ground up
  5. I am open to receiving help and guidance from my mentors
  6. I am confident in my abilities
  7. I am worthy of success in my personal and professional life
  8. I am confident and capable to be a leader
  9. I am resilient and can overcome any obstacles
  10. I am grateful for all that I’ve learned
  11. I am confident I can take risks
  12. I am thankful I can embrace new opportunities
  13. I am able to build a strong and supportive network
  14. I am a successful, inspiring business leader
  15. I am smart enough to manage my money
  16. I am capable of building and creating wealth for my business
  17. I have a mindset that helps my business and me grow
  18. I am an entrepreneur who can make an impact on the world
  19. I am aligned with my mission
  20. I am able to learn anything to grow my business
  21. I am in control of my business
  22. I am open to working with different people
  23. I am charismatic enough to attract investors
  24. I am capable of overcoming failure and pivoting
  25. I am going to persist and learn until I succeed
  26. I am a natural problem solver capable of building solutions

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