Five Websites for Every Entrepreneur’s Toolbox

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Bailey Maybray
Bailey Maybray


Business owners have to be master multitaskers. You might need to work on graphics for branding one day, then write pitches for investors the next. Regardless of what you do, a set of easy-to-use online tools could make your day to day much easier.

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Designer, creator, and YouTuber Oliur Online gathered several of his favorite websites entrepreneurs can use. From a site with free high-quality images to an all-in-one design tool, these sites can help you save time and up your output.

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1. Unsplash

If you need an image for your business, Unsplash has you covered. You can find professional images you can use for both commercial and noncommercial purposes, such as:

  • Building out a website
  • Adding images to a newsletter
  • Selling free photos as T-shirts or prints
  • Making a social media post

So, instead of figuring out how to hire a photographer for a specific shot, first go to Unsplash and see if you can use one for free.

2. Figma

This design tool does what Canva does, but on a more technical level. With Figma, you can:

  • Easily create images for the web, including advanced fonts and drawing tools
  • Create auto-responsive designs
  • Use plug-ins and widgets to automate your work and get others to collaborate

Figma can help you design, prototype, and create an easy-to-use design system. Since it has a low learning curve, you can get started with Figma quickly.

3. TinyWow

TinyWow has a suite of diverse tools to help you with day-to-day business tasks. This includes tools such as:

  • PDF: 45+ tools, such as merging PDFs, converting PDFs to JPGs, editing PDFs, and more
  • Image: 30+ tools, such as removing backgrounds, generating AI images, compressing images, and more
  • Video: 10+ tools, such as downloading Instagram videos, compressing videos, converting videos to GIFs, and more
  • AI Writing: 10+ tools, such as essay writing, content improvement, LinkedIn post generating, and more
  • File: 15+ tools, such as converting Excel to PDF, CSV to Excel, and more

You can use TinyWow for a variety of projects, such as creating graphics for social media or generating content for a newsletter.


Instead of emailing them back and forth to schedule a call, lets you set which days and times you can meet with someone alongside the length of your meetings. also integrates with Zoom, Google Meets, and other videoconferencing software, making the process of scheduling meetings automatic and seamless. You simply send your meeting partner a link, and they can pick a slot that works for both parties.

5. Numblr

Numblr describes itself as a smart calculator combined with a notepad. Through its interface, you can type in numbers, ask for a total, and it will output the result — all without you needing to write out actual arithmetic.

For example, if you receive payments in different currencies, Numblr can easily help you add them all up. You simply note, for example, you received payments of $5k, €2.5k, and £1k. By asking Numblr to total these three, it will automatically convert them into USD and add them up.

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