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    September 1, 2011 // 11:00 AM

    12 Awesome LinkedIn Infographics in 2011

    Written by Pamela Vaughan | @

    As a marketer executing a social media marketing strategy, LinkedIn should be one of your top priorities. And with the social network attracting over 100 million business professionals to its user base, you can't be wrong.

    Last week, we published "The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn," which serves as a helpful guide to some of the most hidden, under-utilized tricks for taking advantage of all LinkedIn has to offer. But if you still need convincing that LinkedIn is a social network where you should be spending some of your social media marketing time, the awesome statistics and data in the following 2011 infographics could serve as a wake-up call.

    1. 100 Million Professionals by LinkedIn

    final 520px resized 600

    2. The Value of Being Linkedin by OnlineMBA.com

    linkedin resized 600

    3. The LinkedIn Profile by Lab42

    linkedin infographic resized 600

    4. LinkedIn's Road to IPO by The Credit Score Blog

    describe the image

    5. How to Be the Man (or Woman) on LinkedIn by SocialMediaSonar.com

    linkedin infographic1 resized 600

    6. The State of LinkedIn by Vincenzo Cosenza

    state of linkedin 0311 small resized 600

    7. LinkedIn Identity by Gigya

    LI infographic resized 6008. Battle of the Sexes: Who Are the Savviest Networkers? by LinkedIn

    mvw final us small resized 600

    9. LinkedIn for B2B Marketers by LeadFormix

    linkedin infographic resized 600

    10. A Snapshot of LinkedIn on its 8th Birthday by paidContent.org

    a look at linkedin on its 8th birthday o resized 600 11. LinkedIn at a Glance by leftygbalogh.com

    describe the image

    12. Sequencing the Startup DNA by LinkedIn

    startup linkedin infographic 970 resized 600

    How do you use LinkedIn for marketing? If you don't already, has any of the data in these infographics convinced you to start including LinkedIn in your social media marketing strategy?


    Topics: Content Creation Social Media

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