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    April 21, 2010 // 8:30 AM

    5 YouTube Features to Get More Video Views

    Written by Rebecca Corliss | @

    YouTube is releasing great features for video publishers and marketers alike to help increase view counts and keep audiences engaged.

    Below is a list of five of the most valuable YouTube features that can help you get more video views. 

    1. YouTube Bulletins : This brand new feature allows you to post a link to a video directly on your subscribers' and friends' YouTube homepages. Use it after a video launch. (Find this feature under My Channel >> Bulletins.)

    YouTube Bulletin


    2. Featured Video Autoplay: Feature a video from your YouTube channel and set it to autoplay. Now, every time a person visits your channel, it counts as a view for that video. (Find this feature under My Channel >> Videos and Playlists.)

    YouTube AutoPlau


    3. Links in Video Descriptions: YouTube has recently moved video descriptions to directly below the play bar. Always put a link at the very beginning of your description when uploading a new video. (YouTube truncates text after about two sentences). This will help increase YouTube referral traffic to your website. Perhaps you could link to a page where the video is embedded.   (This feature is located in My Videos >> Edit Video >> Description.)

    YouTube Description


    4. Social Media Sharing: Recently, YouTube added social media sharing to its video pages. Now viewers can connect their social media accounts to YouTube and share videos with their networks. (No work needed to initiate this feature. Enjoy it!)

    YouTube Social Media Sharing

    5. Video Annotations: YouTube allows users to post links to other videos within a video using the Annotations feature. Create a text box, add the link, and choose when in the timeline it should appear. Now people can keep watching your content!  (This feature is under Edit Video >> Annotations.)

    YouTube Annotations

    Are you using video for your marketing? What other YouTube features do you use to promote a video?

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