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    May 24, 2010 // 8:00 AM

    22 Educational Social Media Diagrams

    Written by | @

    Everyone learns differently. Social media marketing has a lot of moving parts and processes which make it hard to get up to speed. This challenge is only compounded by the ever-changing nature of the market, in which new applications and opportunities arise daily.  (Is your business taking advantage of Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , and Google+ for marketing purposes?)

    Reading tons of blog articles, while important, takes a lot of time. Sometimes it is easier to see concepts visually to get a basic understanding, and then do further research on the topics that are most relevant to your business. In today's post we collected some great visualizations of social media concepts including social media monitoring and content distribution

    22 Amazing Social Media Graphics

    1. Social Media Participation Chart by Oversocialized
    social participation

    2. Social Media ROI by Intersection Consulting

    social media roi

    3. Social Media Plan: Basic Guide by thefreshpeel

    social media plan

    4. Tools and Methods of Social Media by deanmeyersnet

    social media

    5. The 4Cs Social Media Framework by Gauravonomics

    social media tactics

    6. Facebook Reaches 400 Million Users by Oversocialized


    7. Social Media Syndication Network Flowchart by LocalGoogleGuru

    social media flow chart

    8. Social Media Process v. 1.0 by Damien Basile

    social media work flow

    9. Social Media Monitoring Chart by hyku

    social media monitoring

    10. Ripples of Social Change by cambodia4kidsorg

    social change

    11. Social Media Venn Diagram by pescatello

    social media marketing

    12. The Six Gs of Social Media Marketing by kivilm

    social media

    13. The 2010 Corporate Social Media Marketing Ecosystem by davefleet

    social media eco

    14. Digital Mindsets by David Armano

    15. Social Network as Imaginary Friend by daveelf

    social networks

    16. Social Media is Changing Business by volker.davids

    social business

    17. Content Based Community Support Program by Tippingpoint Labs

    18. Welcome to Social Town by E Factor Media

    19. A Conceptual Map of the Social Web by tomzazueta

    20. Social Arena Marketing by juicedigitalpr

    social media

    21. Social Media Monitoring Funnel by Ignite Social Media

    social media monitoring

    22. Online Marketing Distribution Channels by toprankonlinemarketing

    social media distribution Were these images helpful? Do you have others we should add?


    Topics: Social Media Content Marketing

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