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    June 6, 2013 // 7:00 PM

    14 of the Worst Typos We've Ever Seen

    Written by Ginny Soskey | @

    marketing-typosHere's the thing. Typos happen. No matter how vigilant you are, no matter how many times you run spell check, no matter how many times you proofread, one of those suckers will slip through.

    Maybe that's why whenever I catch a typo in someone else's marketing I'm suddenly a little bit happier. Some call that schadenfreude, others call it being a jerk ... either way, I know I'm not alone in this sentiment. Seeing other people's mistakes just makes you feel a little less alone in this crazy world.

    The other thing about typos? Some are worse than others. A mitskae like tihs isn't as bad as ... well, as bad as the 14 things you're about to see. For those who need to indulge in their schadenfreude or just let off some steam from the week, we've compiled some of the most hilarious typos and grammar errors in marketing.

    (P.S. Some mistakes are more difficult than others to spot -- can you find them all?)

    1) Childhood education is paramount to our future.


    Image credit: 11 Points

    2) Technically speaking, this typo isn't too terrible ...


    Image Credit: WCPO

    3) Finally, a fabulous ad for a fantastic movie.


    4) Attention to detail could have saved this company from embarrassment. 


    Image credit: entros

    5) Ironic Twitter Shaming: a dish best served cold.

    6) The One-Two Typo Punch.

    First, the poster: 


    Image credit: JimRomensko.com

    Next, the apology tweet (which has since been deleted):


    Image credit: The Chronicle of Higher Education

    7) Are gender-specific calls-to-action the next trend in marketing?

    click-herImage credit: Engrish and Funny Typos

    8) This typo wouldn't be SO bad if it weren't a promoted tweet.


    Image credit: Simply Silvy Says

    9) Even founders make typos. 


    Image Credit: GeekWire

    10) Pssst ... I think something's a little off ...


    Image credit: Jazarah!

    11) I bet they're wishing for a spell-check app right about now ...


    Image credit: Carscoops

    12) Did they edit this ad in a New York minute?


    Image credit: Engrish and Funny Typos

    13) A deal no one could refuse.


    Image credit: Huffington Post

    14) Amercia the Beautiful.


    Image credit: Visual Arts Studio

    Ever let a typo slip through the cracks of your marketing? Share your stories with us in the comments -- we promise, this is a safe place. We've all been there.

    Featured image credit: hhoyer

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