The Best and Worst Times to Post, Pin & Tweet [Infographic]

    by Corey Eridon


    April 30, 2014 at 11:30 AM

    fb-twitter-li-igAlright, so here's my theory.

    People log on to Facebook right away when they wake up, so we should skew our Facebook publishing to early morning.

    But wait ... I think they also use it to mess around during the workday when they get bored -- like around that 2:00 lull.

    Or is that when they'd go to Twitter? Actually, I've heard that Pinterest is really popular in the afternoon, too. 

    Okay, I'm officially confused. Let's throw all those theories out the window, and look at some data compiled by SurePayroll and Ghergich & Co. that clarifies when those best (and worst) times are to post, pin tweet, plus, tumble, etc. really are. 

    Courtesy of: SurePayroll

    Does this data change the way you'll approach your social media marketing? Does it jive with your ideal times?


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    Written by Corey Eridon

    Corey is a Bruce Springsteen fan who makes a living in business despite having received a liberal arts degree.

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