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December 4, 2015 // 12:00 PM

How to Design Graphics That'll Boost Your Conversions [Free Ebook]

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Gone are the days where "I'm not creative enough" or "I don't have any design experience" serve as sound excuses for avoiding design entirely. Thanks to new technology, it's possible for pretty much anyone to create optimized graphics to support their campaigns and lead generation efforts. 

With photos in tweets averaging a 35% boost in retweets and captions under graphics being viewed 300X more than body copy on average, compelling graphics have become an increasingly important part of the marketing plan.

Need help getting started? We teamed up with the folks at Canva to create an awesome, free design guide, How to Design Graphics That Convert. We cover how to design graphics to promote your content on social media, landing pages, email marketing, CTAs, and paid ads. Designed to increase conversion rates, these graphics will help your content perform better, generate more leads, and reach a bigger audience.

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • How to create stunning graphics for promoting your content 
  • The science of CTA optimization
  • How to boost conversions by tweaking your landing pages
  • How to create high-performing paid graphics

Ready to start designing? Click here to download How to Design Graphics That Convert.

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free guide to designing high-quality graphics

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