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    January 28, 2014 // 7:00 AM

    9 Revealing European Content Marketing Trends to Watch [New Data]

    Written by Lisa Toner | @

    europe-on-map-pinsIt always helps to know how you stack up in this wide world -- especially if you're in the content marketing business. This field has evolved substantially in recent years across the globe, so most marketers are constantly wondering if they're doing what they need to stay on top of the latest trends, especially compared to their peers.

    To help our European readers benchmark themselves against their peers and get some indication on what to focus on in 2014, we dove into some hard data on the state of content marketing. We joined forces with Smart Insights and surveyed over 2,600 marketers across Europe to see what they've been up to, where they've been struggling with content marketing, and what their plans are for 2014.

    We compiled all of that data into this SlideShare below so you can clearly see what has been going on in the world of content marketing and what that'll mean for your next year in marketing. In addition to the SlideShare, be sure to check out insights on European content marketing below and share the most helpful with your followers.

    9 Revealing Insights About Content Marketing in Europe

    1) Marketers are struggling with content adoption within their companies.

    71% of European companies' adoption of content marketing has been inconsistent or poor. (Tweet this stat)

    2) The majority of marketers are only spending a small portion of their budget on content marketing.

    49% of marketers in Europe spend between 0-20% of their marketing budget on content marketing. (Tweet this stat)

    3) Marketers are investing their budget in creating an internal content team versus using external resources.

    55% of European marketers are increasing their spend on internal headcount in 2014. (Tweet this stat)

    40% of European marketers are increasing investment in external content creation this year. (Tweet this stat)

    4) Marketers are focusing their budget on creating an inbound machine to help promote their content.

    69% of European marketers are increasing their investment in promoting their content through earned media such as social media and public relations. (Tweet this stat)

    5) Marketers recognize how effective content marketing can be in helping them achieve their business goals.

    49% of European marketers have seen a return on their investment in content marketing. (Tweet this stat)

    6) Creating and implementing a content strategy is pivotal to success in content marketing.

    58% of European marketers found their content to be much more effective with a content strategy in place. (Tweet this stat)

    7) Content marketing works very well for lead generation and customer acquisition.

    42% of European marketers have generated leads or customers through blogging. (Tweet this stat)

    8) European marketers are struggling to measure the ROI of their content marketing.

    45% of European marketers cited measuring ROI and producing enough quality content as their top challenges. (Tweet this stat)

    9) Developing a content strategy is a top priority for 2014.

    56% of European marketers don’t have any kind of defined content strategy in place yet. (Tweet this stat)

    58% of European marketers rated having a content strategy as a top priority for 2014. (Tweet this stat)

    69% of European marketers rated content promotion as their top priority for this year. (Tweet this stat)

    What are some of the global trends you foresee for content marketing this year? Feel free to share your views in the comments!

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    Topics: Content Marketing

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