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    April 17, 2014 // 4:00 AM

    Competing With Content Marketing: 7 Steps to Success [Infographic]

    Written by Lisa Toner | @

    content-marketing-successIf you're already embracing inbound marketing tactics to grow your business, you won't be surprised to hear that other marketers are continuing to shift more budget and resources toward content.

    It's predicted that 60% of B2C marketers and 54% of B2B marketers are increasing their spend in content. With more and more companies developing a content marketing plan for their business, it's important to understand how you're performing against industry standards. That's why we joined forces with Smart Insights and surveyed over 2,600 marketers across Europe to see how they've been aclimatising to the new age of content marketing.

    The survey discovered a number of interesting trends. For example 56% of European content marketers don't have a clearly defined strategy [Tweet This] and only 9% feel they have an optimised content marketing strategy [Tweet This].

    Together, we compiled all of that data into the infographic below. Everybody loves to digest a good infographic, so I'm going to grab a coffee, and let the graphic do the rest of the talking from here. 

    If you want to download the full report, grab your copy here.


    Please feel free to share this infographic on your own site -- just copy and paste the embed code below!

    free european content marketing report

    Topics: Inbound Marketing Content Creation

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