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    Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly? 3 Tools to Help You Prepare for Google's Next Algorithm Update

    By Jeffrey Vocell


    Google is about to update their algorithm again, and this time it could have a big impact on your business. I mean, really really big. 

    For context, when Google initially rolled out the Penguin algorithm update, it affected approximately 4% of global searches on desktop and mobile. When they rolled out Panda, it affected nearly 12% of English searches. This time around, Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst Zineb Ait Bahajji says that this algorithm update ... Read More

    How a Good Content Strategy Can Repair Your "SEO Problem"

    By Ronell Smith

    “We’re in dire need of some SEO help,” said the owner of a small, successful business located in central Texas. “I can’t put my finger on what’s wrong, but something’s clearly amiss. No one’s reading or sharing the content on our blog, and the information we share on social media just sits there.”

    It’s impossible to work in marketing without hearing grievances like this one over and over.

    Read More
    Practical Advice From Rand Fishkin on 9 Common Marketing Problems

    By Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

    Even if you don't know Rand Fishkin by name, you probably have heard about some of the organizations he's co-founded (Moz, Inbound.org) or seen his Whiteboard Friday lectures. Or maybe you've heard of the acronym "TAGFEE," one he and Moz cohorts created to explain their code of conduct: Transparent, Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, and Exceptional.

    Recently, Rand hosted an Ask Me Anything session on Inbound.org, and it was like a Whiteboard Friday on steroids.

    Read More
    Why Journalists Are Outranking Marketers in Search (And How We Can Compete)

    By Victoria Young

    In the shifting sands of SEO, there’s one constant: It’s much better to top the SERPs than it is to rank on page two. How much better? Nearly 800% better.

    And, as you’ll see in the tables below, when it comes to ranking in search, publications -- that is, actual news sites -- still do it best. The inbound marketing movement, however, has helped bridge the gap that divides brands and publications.

    Read More
    How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: A Beginner's Guide

    By Rachel Sprung

    While Google keeps us on our toes with all the algorithm updates they keep rollin' out, one thing has stayed pretty consistent for inbound marketers looking to optimize their websites for search: keyword research.

    Well, the need to do keyword research has stayed the same. How you actually do it hasn't.

    So I'm going to lay out a keyword research process you can follow to help you come up with and narrow down a list of terms you should be targeting.

    Read More
    Google Plans to Index Tweets in Real Time: How This Could Impact Your SEO

    By Eric Enge

    Years ago, it was commonplace to find real-time tweets in Google Search results. Twitter and Google had inked a deal that gave the search giant access to the social network's data stream. In turn, Google would display tweets in search results in real time. But that agreement expired, and in the middle of 2011, Google lost access to Twitter's data stream

    Now, nearly four years later, the gang's back together.

    Read More
    4 SEO Tactics to Embrace in 2015

    By Martin Link

    Remember when the meta keyword tag was popular? Or when a good SEO strategy was to put keywords in everything (URL, title, description, headings, images ALT text, side nav, main nav, footer nav, in the keywords and 231 times in the body content)?

    Welcome to 2015, where the world of search is a completely different game. In fact, in 2015 you need to check site pages to be certain keywords aren’t overused in key elements.

    Read More
    Free Advertising on Google

    By Mike Volpe

    It may surprise some, but many small businesses new to inbound marketing are unaware that you can get some free advertising on Google through Google My Business (formerly known as Google Places) instead of paying for pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google.

    And because Google is always looking to increase the value of its local search results -- as well as its Google Maps application -- the search engine giant has a simple way for you to provide them with that valuable information about your business, which it infuses straight into its search engine results.

    Read More
    SEO for Home Builders: How to Optimize Your New Home Communities

    By Spencer Powell

    Search engine optimization for any business can be tricky to implement correctly, let alone home builders. Most home builders I talk to have either hired an SEO company or are currently working with one because they don't have the knowledge in-house.

    However, there are some very critical elements that, if learned, can be implemented in house and will make a huge difference in your ability to get found by home buyers in your area.

    Read More
    International SEO 101: Which Domain Structure Should You Use?

    By Eli Schwartz

    If your website is focused on an audience larger than just one country, you probably have spent some time thinking about the best ways to organize and optimize your site for different countries. 

    One of the first and most important decisions most people need to make when expanding their horizons to an international audience is determining which domain structure should be used for additional languages and countries. 

    Read More
    SEO: Defined in a Single GIF

    By Ginny Soskey

    When I first got started in marketing, I didn't know too much about SEO. It's probably pretty simple, I thought to myself -- after all, it's just a three-letter acronym. Plus, I knew that it had to do with search engines like Google -- and since I used Google every single day, I figured it wouldn't be too difficult a concept to master. Right?

    I couldn't have been more wrong. 

    SEO is one of key components of inbound, and if you're not clear about what it means from the get-go, you could be in trouble later on.

    Read More
    Infinite Scrolling: What to Consider Before Implementing It on Your Site

    By Amanda DiSilvestro

    If you've ever used Twitter, Pinterest, or searched for images in Google, you've probably seen infinite scrolling in action. All you have to do is keep scrolling down, and more and more information pops up.

    While the last few years have been all about creating different types of content, we've been seeing more and more marketers experimenting with different ways to display that content to improve user experience on their websites. One of these trends is infinite scrolling.

    Read More
    How Google Works [Infographic]

    By Ginny Soskey

    Ever wonder how Google manages to serve you just the content you're looking for? You put in a few words, and within a few microseconds, you've got pages and pages of results ready to address your query. It's so fast, so accurate, and so comprehensive, it almost seems like magic.

    Almost. But we all know there's more to delivering great search results than waving a magic wand.

    Read More
    An Overview of the Major Google Algorithm Updates of 2014

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Inbound marketers are constantly on alert for changes in Google's ever-evolving algorithm ... but that doesn't mean we don't miss one every now and then. The combination of frequent algorithm updates and a busy workload means that sometimes a critical update gets lost in the sauce.

    To make sure you're fully up to date on the latest major changes in SEO, we've compiled a full list of the most important Google algorithm updates from 2014.

    Read More
    How to Syndicate Content Without Getting Dinged in Search

    By Kathleen Celmins

    Blogs are like tattoos: you can’t stop at one. You think you can, but there’s an irresistible pull toward yet another one. So you hire someone whose primary job is to focus on content. Then you start adding blogs. It’s easy to do, really. Once you have the systems in place to create high-quality content for one blog, it’s really just a matter of design and scheduling to create another.

    Each of our three company blogs has a different target persona, so we’re writing to different audiences. But we’re a sales strategy company, and all our target personas need to read some of the sales strategy we discuss, so what do we do?

    Read More
    One-Hit Holiday Wonders: Popular Products That Totally Tanked in the 2000s

    By Erik Devaney

    The Holiday Season. It’s a season of giving. A season of eating, drinking, and being merry. And, most importantly of all, it’s a season of buying biomorphic robots, sleeved blankets, and sexually suggestive fitness equipment.

    Don’t worry, all of those references will make sense soon … I think. But the main point here is that each and every holiday season, we’re presented with a fresh array of “must-have” products, from toys and trinkets to consumer electronics.

    Read More
    17 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2015 [Free Ebook]

    By Erik Devaney

    SEO is an evolving science. While some of the core principles will presumably stick around forever (e.g. creating high-quality content), the nuanced aspects of it are subject to continuous change. And as a result, many of the "proven" tactics people have used in the past (keyword stuffing, link schemes) are now stuff of legend.

    Unless your organization benefits from having a dedicated SEO person who can work on this stuff day-in, day-out, keeping up with the latest changes in the world of SEO can be a struggle.

    Read More
    The Evolution of SEO [Infographic]

    By Lindsay Kolowich

    Great marketers are always on their toes, keeping up with the news, anticipating and adapting changes as they happen. 

    SEO is no exception: According to Moz, Google changes its algorithm 500-600 times per year. With so many updates happening so often, even the most diligent marketers can miss an important release or two.

    Read More
    Where Keywords Fit Into the Future of SEO

    By Erik Devaney

    "What's in a keyword? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

    – William Shakespeare (Famed playwright, poet, actor, and SEO Guru/Expert/Ninja/Wizard)

    You might remember analyzing that oft-quoted Romeo & Juliet line in high school English

    Read More
    How to Create a Content Strategy That Actually Drives Organic Traffic

    By Neil Patel

    Content marketing alone won’t deliver organic traffic. Content marketing employed strategically will deliver the organic traffic you want and need.

    But how do you create that refined content strategy? If your goal is to drive organic traffic, what specific, strategic methods should you employ to build the right amount of organic traffic?

    Read More
    The Essential Guide to Creating an SEO-Friendly Customer Journey

    By Neil Patel

    Think about the last time you made a major purchase online. Was it a plane ticket? An espresso machine? A pair of sneakers?

    Now, think about where in your buying process the company you bought from made themselves digitally present. If you bought a pair of sneakers, perhaps you found them by searching "best sneakers for marathons" or "sale

    Read More
    How Authoritative Is Your Content? 7 Tools to Help You Find Out

    By Lisa Kasanicky

    If there’s one thing I love about yoga besides the catnap at the end, it’s that instructors will often remind you that the practice is not a competition. “Don’t let what others are doing affect your practice,” they’ll say. Or, “No one is grading you on your performance.” Lovely sentiments.

    But not in the content marketing world.

    Read More
    The Biggest SEO Shakeups of All Time

    By Erik Devaney

    I sometimes imagine Google’s search engine as this massive, steam-powered, Jules Verne-esque machine. The machine is constantly guarded, and resides in a secret, subterranean bunker beneath Google’s Mountain View headquarters. As millions upon millions of search queries come in, Google employees feverishly shovel more and more coal into the firebox, and the engine roars and cranks out

    Read More
    Is Author Rank Really Relevant?

    By Barry Feldman

    Here ye, here ye. Worshipers of the penguin, panda, and hummingbird, gather ‘round. We have a new one to dissect, only this one’s not an animal; it’s a ship. Authorship.

    By now, you’ve read about the latest Google-induced confusion-fest. This was one of the accounts of the carnage:

    Read More
    SEO Evolved: Why Quality Content Is Instrumental to Off-Page SEO

    By Erik Devaney

    Ugh. Off-page SEO. How the heck are we supposed to do that stuff?

    Remember back in the day, when you could work out those sweet link exchange deals with your buddies? “Hey man, I have a site, and you have a site … how about I link to your site a bajillion times, and you link to my site a bajillion times?!” Boom. Off-page SEO = Done.

    Read More
    Google Removes Authorship Photos and Google+ Circle Counts From Search Results

    By Ginny Soskey

    Editor's Note: Since this post was published, Google has removed Authorship functionality entirely. Read more here.

    Yesterday, Google's John Muller made an announcement that broke marketers' hearts: Google Authorship's about to get a makeover. And it's not the type of makeover that makes you say "ooo" and "ahh" and "how wonderful" -- it's the kind that could impact your search traffic. 

    Google's getting rid of author profile pictures and Google+ circle counts on desktop and mobile search. So search results that used to look like this:

    Read More
    The Marketing Industry According to Google Autocomplete

    By Sam Kusinitz

    You know when you’re so close to another person that they literally finish your sentences for you? Well, Google's kinda like that person for all of us. When we have a question or are searching for information, Google tries to guess what we’re searching for before we even finish typing out our query.

    Read More
    The Definition of Organic Search Results [In Under 100 Words]

    By Sam Kusinitz

    Organic search results are unpaid, natural listings on search engine results pages (SERPs) that are surfaced and ranked based on their relevance to a user's query.

    Although it takes time and effort to optimize your web pages for organic search, once you rank high in SERPs, you'll typically see lucrative long term returns on your investment. 

    Read More
    Why Search Volume Doesn't Matter as Much as You Think

    By Rachel Sprung

    Search volume calculates the numbers of times a keyword is searched for in a particular search engine. Previously, it was the marketer's go-to metric to figure out what keywords would be the best to optimize around.

    However, as we (and search engines) have become smarter about how we optimize for

    Read More
    One Way to Future-Proof Your SEO

    By Shawn Segundo

    We reside in a digital world of 301s, 404s, anchor text, link building, and keyword metrics. Search engines continue to evolve and become smarter and more efficient at deterring would be SEO-bandits, and the people keeping up with this knowledge are doing everything they can to stay relevant, and keep up with the changes.

    Read More

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