content-failWe are all aware that content marketing can be very useful when used correctly. However, the problem that most companies have with content marketing is that they see no improvement in their bottom line due to their content marketing efforts. Also, most companies are unable to understand the basics and the nuances of content marketing to be able to use it effectively.

Unfortunately, most companies see content marketing as an easy way to boost web traffic and ultimately their sales and they often cut corners with content marketing. Content marketing is an essential marketing technique that needs to be done perfectly to get the best results.

Some of the biggest brands in the world have used content marketing to their advantage and have been able to improve brand loyalty, brand image, brand awareness, and their sales with the help of content marketing. We all remember the excellent ads from Oreo and Google. Other brands like Red Bull, Nike, Coca-Cola and American Express are content marketing powerhouses.

However, small businesses should not be disheartened thinking that they will never be able to compete with such big brands. In fact there are many small businesses who have gained immense success through content marketing by learning important lessons from big brands. Even with modest resources, you can use these lessons to improve your content marketing campaigns.

1. Always Think of the Bigger Story

The most common mistake that brands make that leads to the failure of their content marketing efforts is that they think that content marketing is about them when in fact it is about what you can do for your customers. With content marketing, you should be able to get across what your brand can do for others and how your products can improve the lives of its users. Content marketing is always about the customer and not the brand.

Take for example Google. It is a tech company that creates some of the most advanced technologies in the world. However, all its content marketing efforts are focussed on how to improve its relationship with people by showing them how their products can improve the lives of people. With simple, attractive, and engaging content, the company shows people how their products can be beneficial to them. You should find the bigger story of your company too – how your brand and its products can help people. Always keep this bigger story in mind for any content marketing campaign.

2. Hire a Journalist

Most companies do not have the expertise to understand what kind of content people want and how to create original, exciting, and attractive content. This is why you need to hire people who can not only find interesting and original topics for your brand for cover, but can also create the kind of content that will bring in success.

Red Bull is a pioneer in the world of content marketing, and it has a huge division dedicated to content marketing. From a humble brand that makes energy drinks, it has grown to become a huge lifestyle and publishing brand. The company was one of the first to hire journalists and media professionals to create unique and eye-catching content for the brand. By hiring a journalist or a content marketing company, you can ensure that your brand creates and publishes high quality content that will set it apart from its competitors.

3. Build Communities

Big brands like Nike and Coca-Cola have successful content marketing campaigns because they are able to get their customers, fans, and even employees involved in the process. This encourages people to form communities that are tied closely to the brand, and at the end of the day, the communities involved with the brands inadvertently market and promote the brand to others. Getting customers and employees involved also allows you to generate content for your brand and allows the brand to connect better with consumers.

Originally published Jul 9, 2014 8:00:10 AM, updated July 28 2017


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