4 Marketing Mistakes Every Agency Makes

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Tabitha Naylor
Tabitha Naylor



agency-marketing-mistakesOf course your agency is different than the competitors, especially if you’re racking up more clients and more money than the next.

Unfortunately, all agencies get caught up sometimes trying to save a buck and make mistakes that can be more harmful than they appear. As innocent as a minor mistake may seem, if you’re on the losing end when it comes to clients and potential clients, there may be a few things your agency is doing wrong.

1. The Budget

There is a budget for every advertisement and marketing tactic you consider, and nobody wants to have a piece of her salary cut out because she went over the budget for her advertisement allowance.

While the budget is helpful in guiding your ad choices, it may be distracting you from the real focus of your campaign — the content. The budget is set in place to make sure that you stay within a certain amount without bankrupting your agency over one ad, but it’s not the entire project.

If you've completed multiple revisions and made numerous edits to your marketing strategy because it continues to fall out of the budget, then it’s time to throw that project out and start new. When beginning to construct a marketing strategy, the main focus should be on the content. The budget should work around the content in your advertisement strategy, not the other way around.

2. The Audience

It’s common sense that the audience is important when creating your advertisement campaign, but one mistake that occurs when the ad is constructed is missing your targeted audience.

If your business is choosing to market its own brand of products for females, it’s very clear that the targeted audience would be women all over the country. The chances of any men buying the product are slim to none. If the product your company is releasing is intended to target women ages 18 – 24, it’s important to use a woman of that age group in your commercial or advertisement.

Young women at the age of 18 do not want to buy a product that has a 45-year-old woman in the commercial. Obviously there is no offense intended towards older women, but a colorful, vibrant, and new line of products is supposed to pique the interest of young women — it’s not exclusive if it is for everyone.

3. Your Knowledge

Yes, your knowledge of the product truly can affect whether or not a purchase is made. If you’re in charge in creating a successful advertisement for your company’s new product, get informed and know everything there is to know about that product.

Regardless of whether you’re a woman and the product is after shave cream or if you’re a man and the product is lip gloss, getting all of the information about the product will not only help you create a successful ad or copy, but it can provide insight on what to include in your marketing strategy. Using a general guideline in creating an ad is not as successful as sending a personal and relatable message to the consumer.

4. Ignoring Old Clients

One huge marketing mistake that is being made everywhere is the fact that old, loyal clients are beginning to be ignored. Once a customer has devoted themselves to your brand or company, they are pushed aside because the business wants to continue bringing in new customers.

Not only is this bad for business, but it can give your company a poor reputation. Remember, the ads being created are for everyone – not only new customers. Previous and current clients not only want to see the company's continuing success, but they also want to be included in your success. It can be just as easy for loyal clients to be snagged by competitive brands who show them more attention.

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