4 Totally Unique and UN-Boring Advertising Campaigns

Danielle Forget
Danielle Forget



thumbs upAdvertisers and marketing experts certainly have their work cut out for them when trying to reach the public — especially because it is hard to get anyone’s attention these days.

On average a person is exposed to anywhere from 250 to 3,000 ads each and every day but ignores more than half of them.

So how do you stand out as an advertiser?

Take a look at how these four brands stole the spotlight and gained the attention of the public.

1) Colgate: “Something in Your Tweet” — Twitter

Have you ever been in the awkward situation where you notice something in someone teeth, and you don’t want to tell and risk embarrassing them?

Colgate came up with a very interesting way of dealing with this dilemma in the form of a Twitter campaign, which also promoted its new Slim Soft toothbrush.

By going to the campaign’s website, users can discreetly let people know there is something in their teeth with an anonymous tweet. The application will then send them a $1 off coupon for the new product.

2) Lowes: “#lowesfixinsix” — Tumblr and Vine

There is a large niche of DIY-ers gravitating to the online world these days.

Lowes brilliantly utilized this trend in their #lowesfixinsix social media campaign. Each day of the campaign, Lowes posted a new six-second "how-to video" via its Vine and Tumblr channels.

These videos not only teach viewers how to easily fix something themselves, but most videos feature items that would commonly be purchased at Lowes.

After all, DIY is what Lowes’ target customer is all about.

3) Gillette: “Read her Mind” — QR Code/ YouTube

This past year, Gillette launched a campaign featuring super model Kate Upton in a series of print ads that featured QR codes, encouraging men to groom themselves for increased sex appeal.

As we all know, QR codes are a great way to turn print advertising into an engaging mobile experience. However, with so many brands slapping them onto every poster, flyer and business card, it can be difficult to make them stand out.

What Gillette did was create a series of print ads that read, “How does Kate Upton like her man’s body styled? Read her mind.”

The QR code was strategically placed in a thought bubble above Upton’s head, encouraging viewers to scan the code with their smart phones to see what she was thinking.

The code captured scanners and drove them to a mobile website that allowed them to view more information on the product.

4) McDonalds: #Instafestival — Instagram/Mobile

No matter how irrelevant it is, people seem to love Instagramming their food.

McDonalds took full advantage of this with its #Instafestival campaign. They released a series of mobile ads that read, “Share Your Biggest Instagram Moments” and “#Instafestival Big Mac. Tap to Expand.”

Once tapped, users were encouraged to take a picture of their McDonald’s Big Macs and added it to the Instagram gallery of Big Macs.

These ads engaged its audience and also utilized its Instagram feeds to promote the classic menu item.

Being UN-Boring and unique with your advertising campaigns is possible. It just means finding a clever way to speak to your target audience.

Try asking some of your existing customers what social mediums they like to use or things they like to partake in online.

Have any tips that have helped you engage with your audience in the past? Share below in the comments.

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