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Adept Marketing

Adept is in the Internet marketing business, but we don't think of ourselves as just a company. We are a tribe. Bound together by our ambitious passion and unique talents, we conspire to dramatically increase the digital influence of our clients. At the heart of our tribe is the belief that Internet marketing should deliver predictable results that generate a positive return on investment.

Located in tech-hungry Columbus, Ohio, we deliver digital marketing solutions that drive results and build momentum.

Effective Internet marketing requires a strategic and disciplined approach to deliver maximum results. At Adept, our approach starts with an intense understanding of our clients' brand and their market. It is this unique understanding that enables us to execute campaigns that deliver ferocious results.

2013 Agency 100 Rank: 48

3-year Growth: 181%

Year Founded: 2008

Website: www.marketingadept.com

Twitter: @AdeptMarketing

Location: Columbus, Ohio


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