Agency 100 – The Fastest Growing Agencies List

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Jami Oetting
Jami Oetting



agency100In the last decade, talented entrepreneurs, developers, leaders and social gurus have changed the landscape of the agency world. “Agency of record” doesn’t carry the weight it once did, and a large, full-service agency is no longer the immediate go-to for big brands. With the rise of digital, fast-growing niche companies that offer top-quality services are changing the norm and shaping the new media space.

Awards and publicized accomplishments are great ways to distinguish a new agency as credible, successful experts, but it’s difficult for young companies to receive the acknowledgement they deserve. Traditional awards reward “business as usual” but rarely credit newer, rapidly growing companies forging ahead with innovation.

The Agency Post is proud to announce the Agency 100, which is co-hosted by Agency Management Roundtable. The Agency 100 is an annual list ranking the top 100 fastest growing agencies. Think Inc. 500, but for the agency world. The Agency Post created the Agency 100 to celebrate the accomplishments of agencies and teams that have done amazing things in the past three years. We strongly believe the fastest-growing agencies are those built on innovation and creative approaches that upset the status quo. Those are the companies Agency 100 was created to highlight.

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