Agency 2012: A Year in Social Media

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Maura Howard
Maura Howard



agency-2012-socialSocial media was on everyone’s mind this past year, making headlines online and offline. We saw the rise of Pinterest and Instagram and the fall of Facebook’s IPO. Other big news included Twitter’s restriction of API access, Facebook’s $1 billion splurge for Instagram and MySpace’s rise from the dead. The 2012 presidential election only confirmed social’s true communication potential.

While consumers started conversations and created social stories, the marketers experimented and continued to search for what these channels could mean for brands. With the industry’s never-ending quest to rule the world of social, we had plenty of favorites to choose from for 2012.

Pinterest is the New Catalog

“Pinterest succeeded because it feels familiar. It feels light, airy, open and inviting, like a well-designed catalog should.”

10 Things Your Client Can Do To Be More Social

“Conversations are currency, and the more that clients can build a base of knowledge of social media tools, the more you as an agency will be able to build a more effective and robust digital strategy that your clients will understand.”

Should Businesses Treat Influencers Differently?

“Influencers are smart. They have become influencers because they can tell marketing crap from reality. So here’s the thing: for this to work, you have to genuinely engage these people.”

Water Is Wet: The Faux Truths of Social Media

“The future of P2P tech has nothing to do with a service person showing up late for a home visit, a hotel room air conditioner making a rattling noise or somebody’s hamburger not being warm enough when served. All of that falls into the water is wet category”

Social TV, Children and Teens: What Marketers Should Know

“Recent research has found that 60 to 70 percent of adults use a second device or ‘second screen’ such as a mobile phone, laptop or iPad while watching television.”

Lack of Leadership How Focusing on the Tactics Will Lead to Digital Failure

“The honest truth is no one — regardless of claims otherwise — has cracked that digital nut yet. Tactic, platform or latest fad, it is clear that no one owns anything or has stood out for long.”

Branding in the Digital Space: Don’t Get Left Behind

“Personify the brand. Would it be male or female? Younger or older? Funny or more reserved? What are the values and beliefs of this brand ‘person’?”

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